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June 25, 2010

Dear waqar

Our entry in Blog Mohammed Day resulted in this outburst from one 'waqar masood'

waqar wrote:

"why you make the cartoons of my prophet
i ***** you, your mother, and your sisters.
you have no one father.
you father is an ass.
horses are **** your mother and you is a result.
dogs are **** your mother and you is a result.
go to hell

Dear Waqar,

Thank you for the email to our post. We marvel at your lack of manners, poor taste, faulty grammar and a complete and utter lack of anything resembling reason.

Did you even read the the entry posted on May 20th, 2010 for Blog Mohammed Day? Do you even understand what you're getting yourself all worked up about?

1) Why you make cartoons of my prophet?

We didn't. We merely took artwork created BY Muslims, in this case - Imam Ahmad Abu Laban and Akhmad Akkari and showed off their crude attempts at propaganda. These mountebanks have deceived you. They have created offensive images to stir up hate. But I guess it's okay for other Muslims to make offensive pictures of the prophet as long as someone else can be blamed. That's right, our very existence made your imams into evil artists and we're to blame.

By the way, if you're a devout Muslim as you insist you are, I believe the Prophet would like his title capitalized. Lower case indicates he is one of many. Do you infer by the lack of capitalization that he is NOT the Prophet?

Taking offense so easily indicates a deeply rooted lack of security in your own convictions - are you upset because Imam Ahmad Abu Laban and Akhmad Akkari trample upon the faith of their fellow believers in such a cynical and manipulative way?

2) As for the rest of your spittle flecked invective - I'm sorry, we have no asses, horses or dogs, and you simply won't do either.

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June 04, 2010

They Said It: The Final Entry

Where do you start? This week has been unsurpassed.

I leave it open for entries. Who do you want, Ashton Kucher? Paul McCartney, Helen Thomas, and a whole slew of others. People running their mouths in full sewer mode.

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