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October 31, 2007

"The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam"

This is the name of a video produced by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and it was banned by YouTube. Of course: ban the videos that show the horrors of Islamic Jihad, but allow Jihadi recruitment videos to stay up. How silly of me to think otherwise!

The video has brutal images that are not for the squeamish, and they are NOT for children. If you choose to view it, make sure there are no children present, please! (Sadly, some of those featured in the video are children.) There is one scene where I had to avert my eyes, I was so horrified. But it's necessary to get the word about the oppression of women in places like Iran. These are the realities for many women throughout the world, oppressed by Sharia law. Their stories deserve to be told.

If you're still game, go to Front Page Magazine and scroll about halfway down the screen...click on the image of a woman on the gallows to watch. (You'll need Windows Media Player.)

In this country, feminists are worrying about the fact that there aren't enough women academics in the sciences, gosh darn it. They really ought to watch this video and thank their lucky stars for their problems.

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Sink LOST! (Not the TV Show)

John Hawkins is asking that you call your senators to voice your displeasure over LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty), also known as UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) -- and I'm doing the same. If you haven't heard of it, you should. If the Senate ratifies the treaty and President Bush signs it, it will mean that the U.S. will have to answer to an "international committee" when it comes to what we can and can't do in international waters.

This is a treaty that is connected to the UN...and we all know how successful the UN is in not only managing its own affairs, but the affairs it sticks its nose into around the world. Don't forget how much the UN loves America, its host country and largest donor. With friends like the UN, who needs enemies?

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has been following this story closely, and his articles also appear on Family Security Matters. You can find out all you need to know about the situation by clicking on the links below.

We must not allow our government to sign us up for a treaty that will certainly work against us not just in the long run, but now. Call your senators today!

Is It Too Late to Save America's Sovereignty? Not If You Act Now!

How Does the Law of the Sea Treaty Affect Our National Security?

Will a UN Navy Defend America?

Will Senator McConnell Take On the UN's Seasick Lawyers?

Walter Cronkite Promotes Law of the Sea Treaty

Senator Vitter Leads Assault on UN's Sea Treaty

Brainy Republicans Support UN Sea Treaty

Senator Calls Treaty "A Disaster" For America

Will UN Sea Treaty Sink Sen. Coleman?

Bald-Faced Lies About the UN

Scandal Rocks UN Sea Treaty Organization

Blowing the Whistle on UN Corruption

Senate Republicans May Sink Bush's UN Sea Treaty

Could Media Bias Save UN Sea Treaty?

Bush's Toilet Bowl Treaty

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Posted by Pam Meister at 09:57 AM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0) | United Nations

Last Night's Dem Debate: Hillary Tanks?

No, I didn't see the debate...I was in New York for a screening of "Hillary! Uncensored," but my pal Tim sent a link to Roger Simon's take on Mrs. Clinton's performance at Politico:

It was not just that her answer about whether illegal immigrants should be issued drivers licenses was at best incomprehensible and at worst misleading.

It was that for two hours she dodged and weaved, parsed and stonewalled.

And when it was over, both the Barack Obama and John Edwards campaigns signaled that in the weeks ahead they intend to hammer home a simple message: Hillary Clinton does not say what she means or mean what she says.

But isn't that what she does best? Never say what you really mean, lest the voters really know what you stand for. And when the going gets tough, deny, deny, deny.

The "Hillary! Uncensored" documentary was a real eye-opener as far as the whole Peter Paul Hollywood fundraiser in August of 2000 is concerned. She and Bill used Paul because it was convenient, and then left him out to dry when the press asked a few uncomfortable questions. I plan to write more about it later. But I will say now that I am looking forward to his civil suit against the Clintons, which I was told will go to trial some time next year.


Think this is bad? Her performance was even worse.

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Posted by Pam Meister at 09:00 AM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0) | Say NO to Hillary!

October 29, 2007

Hillary Uncensored

The documentary "Hillary Uncensored" debuted at Harvard University last week, and chronicles the story between Peter Franklin Paul's civil suit against Bill Clinton.

Here's the heart of the suit, according to WND:

Paul claims President Clinton destroyed his entertainment company Stan Lee Media to get out of a $17 million deal in which he promised to promote the firm in exchange for stock, cash options and massive contributions to his wife's 2000 campaign. Paul contends he was directed by the Clintons and Democratic Party leaders to foot the bill for a lavish Hollywood gala and fundraiser prior to the 2000 election that eventually cost him nearly $2 million.

More from Paul:

Paul told WND the film, using his hours of home video, "is unprecedented in allowing the camera to communicate the character of these people, without being diffused through spokesmen and spin."

Anticipating criticism, Paul insisted the film is not being "directed by any right-wing group."

"It's not intended to have any ideological or political message at all, other than confirming what Machiavelli notices in Renaissance Italy, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely," Paul said.


Paul contends Sen. Clinton's participation in soliciting performers and planning the event would make his more than $1.2 million in contributions a direct donation to her Senate campaign rather than to a joint fundraising committee, violating federal statutes that limit "hard money" contributions to a candidate to $2,000 per person. Knowingly accepting or soliciting $25,000 or more in a calendar year is a felony carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.

You can see the 13-minute trailer for the documentary here. And, I will be seeing this documentary in full tomorrow, October 30, at the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City. I'll have a full report on Wednesday!


"I want to thank Peter Paul..."

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Posted by Pam Meister at 03:22 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0) | Say NO to Hillary!

25 Reasons to Vote for Hillary

Undecided voters, rejoice! Morgan over at the House of Eratosthenes has come up with 25...count them, 25 reasons why you should vote for Hillary. Here are just a few:

6. She can find a villain in any issue. Any issue. Any at all. Just watch her.
7. Weve tolerated capitalism and free enterprise long enough
8. Its not like shes the one who cheated on Billso far as we know
9. Isnt it time we lost that unfashionable, out-of-style right to bear arms?
10. So John Paul Stevens can give Rosie fire doesnt melt steel ODonnell his seat
11. So we can punish all the rich people. For being rich. Except her, of course. And George Soros.
12. And no one will ever accuse you of sexism again. Ever. Well, for about thirty seconds.
13. Because it isnt fascism when women do it

Good stuff! See them all here.


Photo found at Zombietime

h/t: Larwyn

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Posted by Pam Meister at 07:17 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0) | Say NO to Hillary!

October 26, 2007

Hillary and Rudy -- A Couple of Thoughts

Kitty sent out an e-mail with a bit from the NY Post's Page Six about an endorsement for Rudy by a couple of former drug kingpins from NY: Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes (whose story is told in the movie "American Gangster" starring Denzel Washington and Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Obviously no one wants that kind of endorsement, but that's not the point of this post.

One of the things Frank Lucas says is, "I don't think they're [Americans] ready for an Italian president."

What is it with our constant emphasis on the skin color, ethinicity, and sex of a person? I get so tired of hearing that America isn't ready for this-or-that kind of president. Rudy may be of Italian extraction, but as he was born and raised here, he's American first and foremost. And isn't that what it's all about?

What America needs is a competent president -- sex, color and ethnic heritage notwithstanding. As long as I think someone can lead and has the experience and values I believe are important, then that's the person I'll vote for.

Speaking of voting for someone just because of who she is, why would I vote for Hillary Clinton "just because" she's a woman? She would be a disaster for our country. No stranger to scandal (and adept at stonewalling and trying to cover it up), she also has plans to further socialize this nation that has already had quite enough of that nonsense. If you'd like to know what kind of person she is, take a look at this site -- it has a slide show with plenty of quotes directly from the horse's mouth that show what an uncouth, ethically-challenged, out-and-out socialist she really is.

Then let me know if you still want to vote for her.

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Posted by Pam Meister at 09:05 AM | Comments (7) | TrackBack (0) | 2008

October 25, 2007

Katrina vs. California Wildfire: Double Standard Time

Last night on Bill O'Reilly, I saw a clip of Jamie Lee Curtis ranting that the fact that so many people live in the areas hit by the wildfires is part of the reason for those fires, and that they have themselves to blame. (Never mind the arson investigation.) And George Carlin is saying something similar.

But why is it okay to blame the residents of Southern California for the fact that their homes were destroyed just because they live there, when it wasn't okay to blame the destruction of homes in New Orleans on the residents for living there? New Orleans has been described as a soup bowl. It also sits behind huge levees that hold back the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain, and on the other side there's the Gulf of Mexico. The city continues to sink, and some experts believe it will completely surrounded by the Gulf in less than 100 years.

But it wasn't nice to say "mean" things about New Orleans. Yet the same amount of homes have been affected by fires in California, and now it's time to blame the home owners?

I believe anyone who lives in an area prone to high risks such as wildfire, flooding, hurricanes and so on should be able to do so -- but don't come crying to the taxpayer to bail you out when *gasp* your home is destroyed in a disaster that was bound to happen eventually simply by the nature of the area you live in.

I'm sorry for those who lost their homes in California, just as I'm sorry for those who lost theirs in New Orleans. But lets keep the same standard when it comes time to apportion blame. And let's at least wait until the flames die down.

Oh, and when is Jamie Lee Curtis going to set an example and move away from the Southern California tinderbox? Or is that just another liberal example of "do as I say"?

On another note, it's refreshing to see competent local and state governments dealing with this disaster. No one was left stranded like in New Orleans, there was plenty of supplies and shelter for refugees, and while people like Barbara Boxer were ready to blame the war in Iraq for there not being enough National Guard personnel available, it turns out that 17,000 were ready and available, but aren't needed as of yet. And the feds were there too, ready to step up when needed. (If you watch the O'Reilly video linked above, you'll see Schwarzenegger giving it to a reporter from ABC for "looking" for bad news. Classic!)

One more question: where's the international outpouring of aid and support? Ooh, that's right...no one cares when it happens to us.

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Posted by Pam Meister at 08:18 AM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0) | Double Standards

Looking for 'Love' in All the Wrong Places

Over at Family Security Matters today:

One of Winston Churchills most famous quotes has been bandied about quite a bit lately: An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Unfortunately, not enough people seem to be paying attention to the wit and wisdom of one of the greatest leaders in modern history. Just as a schoolyard bully will continue to terrorize his smaller victims who give up their lunch money rather than fight, so will the mujahideen continue to plan and plot violent action against those whose responses are reactionary rather than proactive.

Read it all here.

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DREAM Act Blocked

I don't know if it was because enough citizens called Washington or if senators are coming to their senses, but the DREAM Act was blocked yesterday when cloture failed.

"A lot of senators concluded that from the last vote: Citizenship is not on the table anymore," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, who led the opposition to the Dream Act and who said the failure earlier this year of President Bush's broad legalization bill has fundamentally moved the debate toward the right.

Dick Durbin is still whining about what he calls "bigotry and hatred," and said it took courage for the senators who voted yes along with him.

Courage is one of those words that's lost its meaning in today's society.

Apparently John McCain didn't vote, although he voted on a couple of other measures yesterday. I chalk that up to his not wanting to vote against his convictions (we all know where he stands on illegal aliens), but knew if he did, what's left of his campaign would look like Southern California right now.

Note to the Senate (especially Dick Durbin): Those of us who want our country's laws upheld and who want illegal aliens to go home (wherever that may be) are not bigots, racists and haters. Calling us that may make you think you look like the bigger person, but you're really just revealing your own prejudices. I don't care so much where an immigrant comes from, so long as he is here legally and wants to be a part of America. Handing out amnesty like Halloween candy is not going to solve the problem, but will encourage others to come and likewise break the law, expecting to be rewarded like those before them.

Fred Thompson had a radical proposal the other day: no amnesty, enforce existing laws, end sanctuary city status, and increase border security. It's so crazy, it just might work!

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October 23, 2007

Harry Reid Filed for Cloture on DREAM Act?

According to an e-mail from Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed for cloture on the DREAM Act, which would mean it could go to vote on Wednesday:

Our Capitol Hill Team just contacted me and reported that Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) has just filed for "cloture" on S. 2205 (the DREAM Act amnesty).

If Americans don't phone Tuesday until the switchboard shuts down, it looks like we're going to have a brand new amnesty for illegal aliens coming out of the Senate later this week.


Phone Senate Switchboard

Click here for more from the NumbersUSA website.

I haven't seen this reported anywhere else, but if it's on the money, you need to contact your senators today!

The DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) is a path to citizenship for illegal alien students and those who want to join the US Military. The idea behind it is that the children have no control over the fact that their parents dragged them here illegally, and that they should be given a break. It's true that they have no control over their parents' actions, but if they receive special treatment, it's simply a matter of time before the next group receives it, and so on. At that point, why not just throw the doors open and let anyone in who wants to come? It's what a lot of these people are fighting for anyway.

We were able to shut down the last amnesty bill, and we can do it again.

Get the word out!

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October 22, 2007

A Deadly Disease Makes an Unwelcome Comeback

Something I wrote about for Family Security Matters today:

Part of the reason for screening potential immigrants to America is not only to bar the criminals and shiftless benefit seekers, but to keep out people with serious diseases. Many of us, when learning about Ellis Island, heard of the cruelty of Ellis Island health officials who turned away immigrants who had spent all their money crossing the Atlantic simply because they may have had a weird rash or runny nose. With medical technology being what it is today, obviously no one would be turned away for a simple case of eczema. But if illegal aliens with diseases like TB are streaming over the border, there is no way to know about it until its too late.

Read it all here.

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October 21, 2007

My Morning at a Cheerleading Competition

So the hubby and I spent the entire morning at the local cheerleading competition, watching our youngest compete with her team. This is her fourth year with the program. As a result, I've seen my fair share of competitions, including on the regional level, and so I jotted down a few notes to share with you all in case you don't have the opportunity to attend this kind of event:

*The team that practices year round with paid professional coaches usually wins. There's one town that really does this, and almost every competition they snag all the first place trophies. This year, however, only one of their teams placed in the morning session, and the team competing in my daughter's age group didn't even place. I was surprised but pleased...I consider them to be our arch rivals.

*If your kid's team experiences a major flub during the routine, you'd better hope your kid wasn't responsible...some teammates AND some parents can be very unforgiving.

*If it weren't for the wrinkles, baggy eyes and leathery skin, you couldn't tell some mothers from their teenage daughters. Ladies, PLEASE: dress according to your age. This doesn't mean you have to be a frump, but looking like you raid your kid's closet isn't exactly flattering either.

*Whoever creates music mixes for cheer routines should be shot. They're jarring, loud, and just obnoxious sounding.

*No matter how old people are, there are always a handful that can't follow directions. No clapping until the routine is done means just that! Sit on your hands if you can't control the urge to applaud in the middle.

*People are slobs. First of all, there wasn't supposed to be any food in the gymnasium. Second of all, if you can't follow that rule, at least pick up your coffee cups and potato chip bags. Sheesh!

*Sitting on hard, plastic bleachers with no back support for two and a half hours sucks! I should have a chiropracter on speed dial.

*The 50/50 raffle is a great way to pick up some cash. Today's winner walked away with well over $700!

*Finally, the team that comes back at the end of the competition to finish the routine that was interrupted by one of their teammates getting injured always gets the biggest round of applause. Kudos! (The announcer also told us that she will be okay; she is just being kept under observation at the hospital as a precaution.)

candlewood regional cheer competition october 21, 2007 003 (2).jpg

Waiting for the award ceremony.

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October 19, 2007

Rush's eBay Auction of Dingy Harry's Letter Surpasses $2 Million!

And the auction has a few hours to go. (It ends at 1 pm Eastern.)

Don't forget, Rush promised to match the winning bid dollar for dollar, and all proceeds (each and every penny) go to the Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation. The foundation provides scholarships to the children of Marines and law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty.

Way to go Rush...and way to go to whoever is bidding for this (disgraceful) piece of history. Ol' Harry must be a bit peeved, but there's really nothing he can say to turn this one around. His nose is being rubbed in his foolishness like a puppy being housetrained. The thing is, a puppy eventually learns.

Previous: Rush Limbaugh Auctions Off Harry Reid's Letter to Clear Channel

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October 18, 2007

Patriots Outnumber Moonbats in Berkeley

Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward worked her magic in Berkeley today, where patrtiots outnumbered "peace" activists in a counter-protest at a Marine recruitment office.



From the Contra Costa Times (free registration required):

Flag-waving demonstrators far outnumbered a group of peace advocates who were protesting a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center in downtown on Wednesday.


On one side of the street was CodePINK, Grandmothers Against the War, Berkeley East Bay Gray Panthers, Women in Black and other peace groups holding "no war" signs and chanting "out of Iraq."

On the other were military veterans, mothers and fathers of soldiers, members of the UC Berkeley College Republicans and Melanie Morgan, whose conservative talk show airs on KSFO. They waved American flags and chanted "USA, USA, USA."

The reporter goes on to say how Berkeley is not exactly fertile ground for recruitment, which is hardly a big surprise.

As Aaron said to me via IM, "It's like we were there in spirit!"

Go to Move America Forward's site to check out their report and links to others blogging. It's truly a great day!

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Posted by Pam Meister at 01:56 PM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0) | Patriotism

Treason Looks Pretty in Pink

My article at Family Security Matters today:

During the last week of December 2004, Medea Benjamin announced that Code Pink, Global Exchange, and Families for Peace would be donating a combined $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the families of the terrorist insurgents who were fighting American troops in Fallujah, Iraq. In an article dated January 1, 2005, the online publication Peace and Resistance reported that Rep. Henry Waxman had written a letter addressed to the American ambassador in Amman, Jordan to help facilitate the transport of this aid through Customs.

So the group that provided supplies and cash to the families of terrorists calls Marine recruitment officers traitors? Psychiatrists call that projection.

Be sure to read it all.

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October 16, 2007

But If It Had Been a George W. Bush Dummy...

it would have been "protected speech":

Chesla Flood couldn't believe her eyes. A hangman's noose circled the neck of a black-hooded, jeans-clad dummy suspended from the chimney of a house in Madison.

Flood called her mother, Millie Hazlewood, who reported the Halloween display to police. She wasn't the only one. Police went to the property at least three times starting Sunday, and even the mayor asked the homeowners to take down the figure.

At 8 last night, the family relented, saying they feared for their safety.

"It's no more like freedom of speech anymore," Cheryl Maines said. "My son had to take this down because these people have blown this thing out of proportion."

Before the figure was removed yesterday, Madison Mayor Ellwood "Woody" Kerkeslager said "the appearance and the suggestion (of racism) is there, and it's inappropriate."

At least four recent noose displays -- one each in Jena, La., and Philadelphia and two in New York City -- are drawing renewed attention to a potent symbol of racism, lynchings and the era of Jim Crow segregation.

The whole Star-Ledger article is here.

A hanging dummy is tacky and tasteless -- I know I wouldn't hang one in my yard -- but there's nothing inherently racist about it, especially during the Halloween season. And to my knowledge, New Jersey (where this happened) wasn't even a Jim Crow state; by 1949 it was one of 15 states with no segregation laws.

You know, blacks weren't the only victims of hanging. In fact, hanging used to be the preferred method of state-sponsored execution. Should the descendents of the four people hanged in the Abraham Lincoln assassination start complaining when they see things like this?

Pretty soon we won't be able to do anything for fear of offending someone about something, thanks to political correctness and a media that jumps on stories like this and worries them like a dog with a bone.

On a tip from Jeanette

UPDATE: Click here to see where someone on some chat forum claims I'm the daughter of this Cheryl Maines woman. That's quite interesting; I thought my mother's name was Marge. Has she been lying to me all these years? LOL!!!

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Paranoid Lefties Blame Randi Rhodes Attack on Conservative 'Whack Job'

UPDATE: This story is BOGUS! Rhodes was not mugged; her lawyer says she somehow fell while walking her dog and was injured. Her Air America colleague, Jon Elliot, seems to have made up the whole thing. Really makes me want to tune in now...


The paranoia on the left knows no bounds. Apparently Air America talk show host Randi Rhodes was attacked near her apartment in NYC while walking her dog and was beaten pretty badly. She lost several teeth and has to take some time off from work to recover.

That stinks. I hope she recovers soon, and I hope the person who did it is caught. But Baroosk over at Talking Radio explains that many lefties think Rhodes was not just a random victim of some thug, but the victim of some rightwing Air America hater. Air America host Jon Elliot leads the pack:

"Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own," he asked. "Are we threatening them. Are they afraid that we're winning. Are they trying to silence intimidate us."

And blogger Baroosk continues the paranoia rant:

Some of blog posters also expressed concerns that the attack on Rhodes was hate crime. Other posters warned that we need more facts before any judgements are made.


Apparently, some right-wing critics of lib talk arent happy that conservative talk only accounts for 90% of the programming on talk radio. These whack jobs appear determined to whatever it takes to silence the opposing point of view.

Their proof? That Rhodes wasn't carrying a purse. Good grief! And this coming from the people who think it's funny to air a clip of the president being "shot."

Look, if conservative talk show hosts have 90% of talk radio, why would they try to shut down what amounts to no competition? And if "conservative crazies" were really intent upon shutting down liberal media, they'd likely start with the New York Times and the alphabet networks, then work their way down.

Before anyone says I condone such violence, I do not. Don't try to twist my words. And if it does turn out to be a nut who leans to the right, then I say, "Book 'im, Danno." But jumping to conclusions like this is simply ridiculous, and continues the deterioration of civil political dialogue in this country.


Get well soon...

On a tip from Cookiewrangler.

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October 15, 2007

Which Came First: Global Warming or Al Gore?

Over at Family Security Matters today:

But lets not let facts get into the way of the story of a local boy making good. Since losing his bid for the White House in 2000, Al Gore has taken a page out of Madonnas book and reinvented himself: going from being a bitter politician wallowing in the agony of defeat and cheese-drenched nachos to a being new-age champion of rising sea levels and cheese-drenched nachos. Hes become a Hollywood darling, rubbing elbows with the likes of lightweight actor Leonardo DiCaprio (whose own global warming documentary was a spectacular failure) and foul-mouthed rapper Ludacris, who performed at this summers Live Earth (which was also a worldwide ratings flop).

Read it all.

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October 14, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Auctions Off Harry Reid's Letter to Clear Channel

I didn't hear about this earlier because I am unable to listen to Rush's show at work. However, I found the video of him making a pre-announcement announcement last week to a live audience in Philly, and from there went to the eBay listing.

This auction is for serious bidders only; you have to be pre-approved. Check out the listing to see how much people are willing to pay for it!

And all proceeds go to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, a charity that provides scholarships to the children of Marines and federal law enforcement personnel whose parents die in the line of duty.

Rush is a board member of this charity. Yeah, he doesn't care about the troops.

h/t: Ian Schwartz

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October 12, 2007

10 Impossible Things Liberals Believe Before Breakfast

Tim B. sent this along. I enjoyed it, and thought you might too. Don Feder explains 10 of liberals' most cherished beliefs. Click here to read.

One of my favorite bits, regarding "free" health care:

But why do we have a right to affordable, quality health care and not affordable, quality transportation - a Mercedes in every garage, with zero percent down, and low monthly payments stretched out over the next 20 years?

I prefer black, silver or dark green. Where do I sign?

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October 11, 2007

Must-Read Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

She recently left the United States because the Dutch Parliament refused to continue to pay for her (absolutely necessary) security detail while she was here. She's gone back to the Netherlands but is having to hunker down in some kind of safe house, hidden away from the world. While she was here she needed security but was able to move about freely. Now she's a prisoner of her own infamy amongst radical Muslims...an indictment against the movement if there ever was one.

Reason Magazine has a great interview that anyone who is serious about fighting Islamofascism should read. Here's a snippet:

Hirsi Ali: I think that we are at war with Islam. And theres no middle ground in wars. Islam can be defeated in many ways. For starters, you stop the spread of the ideology itself; at present, there are native Westerners converting to Islam, and theyre the most fanatical sometimes. There is infiltration of Islam in the schools and universities of the West. You stop that. You stop the symbol burning and the effigy burning, and you look them in the eye and flex your muscles and you say, This is a warning. We wont accept this anymore. There comes a moment when you crush your enemy.

Reason: Militarily?

Hirsi Ali: In all forms, and if you dont do that, then you have to live with the consequence of being crushed.

Reason: Are we really heading toward anything so ominous?

Hirsi Ali: I think thats where were heading. Were heading there because the West has been in denial for a long time. It did not respond to the signals that were smaller and easier to take care of. Now we have some choices to make. This is a dilemma: Western civilization is a celebration of lifeeverybodys life, even your enemys life. So how can you be true to that morality and at the same time defend yourself against a very powerful enemy that seeks to destroy you?

The link for the whole article is here. And for those of you who missed it the first time around, here's video of her interview with a moonbat from the Great White North back in July. The woman is brilliant, and possesses the kind of insight into the problems Islam poses that even our best Western experts cannot match.


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Taking a Leak on Homeland Security

My article at Family Security Matters today.

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October 10, 2007

Bush Administration Fights to Overturn Death Sentence of Gang Rapist/Murderer from Mexico

This shocking case needs more attention: The Supreme Court will hear a case this week about gang member and illegal alien Jose Medellin, who was convicted of the rape and murder of two girls, ages 14 and 16, 13 years ago and put onto death row. Heck, he even bragged about it and confessed when caught a few days after the fact.

What's the problem? Medellin and his five accomplices were not advised of their right to contact the Mexican consulate for assistance, and the Bush administration has joined forces with Medellin's law team to argue that the death penalty should be overturned.

Check out this video from the Glenn Beck Show last night for more details.

This is an attempt to put Mexican and international law in effect here in the United States, and it's preposterous. In the video, Jerome Corsi claims this is one more step toward the North American Union. Is he right? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but nevertheless, this case has terrible implications for our national sovereignty.

Speaking of which, there's another critical national sovereignty issue that deserves more press: the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which is in committee and on the fast track to U.S. ratification. Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has been following the story. Click here, here and here for details, and then contact your senator to let him know what you think.

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From the Weird E-Mail Files

As a blogger and online columnist, my e-mail address is available for anyone to see and utilize. Sometimes I get messages from people who like what I have to say. Other times I get extremely rude missives telling me what I can do to myself. And then there are the e-mails that truly leave me scratching my head.

Like this one.

Today, I received an e-mail from someone named Charlie, who wrote the following (copied exactly from the original, with all grammatical errors intact):

This Rush for Peace Prize is a farce and wish it was laughable, but it is not. Rush is actually telling his audience that he was legitimately nominated for the NPP, yeah, by Mark Levin, who is president of Landmark of which Rush is a on the board. This really is funny until you realize that Rush is trying to pass off his nomination as legitimate. What is funny though is that of the literally thousands of people and organizations that can nominate for the Nobel, none of them nominated el Rushbo.

The Sheeple and I hate to use that term, will never learn will they.

I don't know why he's sending this to me -- he's not one of my regular correspondents. I posted about the "nomination" when Mark Levin made it...but really, does anyone take this seriously? From what I can see in the rules, Levin is not eligible to make a nomination...and even if he is, does anyone think for one minute that Rush would win? No one wins but lefties. That's a given. And this year, self-proclaimed environmental expert and sucker magnet Al Gore has it all but sewn up.

Back in February, when Levin made the "nomination," a commenter at Hot Air had this to say:

Its so great. Apparently its really infuriating lefties around the world. Olbermann named Levin the worst person in the world last night, though the specific reasoning I didnt pay attention to. Basically, they all take this idiotic award seriously, no matter how much they complain about Kissinger getting it they still want to love it again. Plus, they wanted to parade Gores nomination around for a while and now Levin has gone and spoiled it for them.

Exactly. Now, with the annoucement of the winner just around the corner, Rush is hyping it on his show, but come on people: it's a joke and he knows it. And regular listeners of Rush are definitely smart enough to know it too. (He should be happy there's no way he's in the same category as Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, Kofi Annan...all previous winners.)

Come on, Charlie...surely there are other things worthy for you to get worked up about. Rush having fun with his Peace Prize "nomination" isn't one of them.

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SF Libs: Say No to Vomiting Squatters

Are they really becoming more conservative? Or is this more about rich liberals not enjoying having someone "less fortunate" ruining the good life? Ah, the old liberal double standard: what's good for me is not good for thee. Do as I say, not as I do.

San Francisco yuppies have apparently had it with the many bums and drug addicts who are attracted to the city by the bay like a fly is attracted to rotting flesh. And now, the city might finally do something about it, with laws in the works that would make it more difficult for vagrants to hang around a particular corner all day, using the streets for everything from sleeping to urinating (and worse).

Gosh, what took you people so long?

Resident David Latterman had a couple of choice quotes in the article:

"People have realized they can hate George Bush but still not want people crapping in their doorway."


"People are just pissed. For the first time, even the left is saying they've had enough."

(As always, George Bush has to come into it somewhere. What will BDSers do when he's out of office?)

According to the SF Chronicle article, suddenly a number of residents are "homeowners and thus have a sense of ownership and emotional investment." Holy cow, am I reading right? Liberals who believe they are entitled to protect their investments that they worked hard to earn? What's next, asking the government to keep its greedy hands out of the taxpayer's pocket?

But don't let this article get your hopes up. San Francisco is still populated by a bunch of people who think they're better than you because they're "compassionate progressives" who believe the bums on the street are "victims." Don't believe me? Read the comments section accompanying the article.

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October 09, 2007

Today's Republican Debate in Dearborn

UPDATE (October 10): Right Wing News has a good roundup of rightwing reaction to the debate. Looks like the verdict on Fred is generally positive.

Yes, let's have a debate at 4 pm Eastern...everyone will be able to watch it! :-/

This is the first debate I have actually watched (other than highlights online the day after), and one of my complaints is the same as everyone else's: too many people, not enough time for substantial information.

The main reason I made a point to tune in was because Fred Thompson made his debate debut, and he didn't do too bad a job of it. His main problem is that his answers are so broad. He needs to be more specific.

And now, I'll turn to my friend Timothy B., who sent me his quick reflections on the debate, because they pretty much mirror mine:

Fred did okhe did get a dig in on Chris Mathews when Mathews said he should have stopped at the word no on a subject. Fred replied, "That's your opinion, Christopher."

Rudy and Mitt were the clear winners. It's a shame Rudy is pro-choice.

Brownback would be an outstanding VP.

Huckabee would also be a good VP.

Tancredo is like a little mouse running around squeaking -- although he does have some good ideas, no one takes him seriously.

Ron Paul has his head up his proverbial butt. Both he and Toncredo both said they weren't sure if they would support the GOP nominee. Who the hell are they going to support? Hillary!!

And I noticed that except for the little dig at Thompson (which was served right back), Matthews made an effort to control himself. Maybe his betters at NBC told him to shape up.

I'm not going to go into any more detail because one, I didn't take notes and two, I was trying to do some editing at the same time (and I received a phone call), so my full attention was not on the proceedings. But I'll be interested to see what others on the right say about this debate.

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Thank You, ABC -- NOT!

I didn't spend much time on the Internet yesterday, as I took the day off and spent much of it cleaning the house (ugh) and at play rehearsal in the evening. So as I check out my favorite sites today I see that once again, thanks to our media, another government intelligence victory has gone sour.

ABC News first told the world about Osama bin Laden's video message just before the sixth remembrance of 9/11 last month, and thanks to that journalistic coup, "tipped off Qaeda's internal security division that the organization's Internet communications system, known among American intelligence analysts as Obelisk, was compromised."

The system was shut down, revamped, and re-opened...but the intelligence community is no longer privy to its secrets.

Damn these idiots! We are FIGHTING A WAR against an enemy that will stop at nothing to destroy us and our way of life. Don't they get it? Is tweaking the nose of a president they don't like more important than the safety and security of our nation? Is getting the scoop more important? Holy cow, these people are unbelievable. Screw the "right" of the people to know. I'd rather NOT know if it means those who are putting their lives on the line for us can do their jobs, which is to save our bacon.

And journalists wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them? It's no wonder at all.

John Hawkins has more. Part of the problem seems to be Bush's unwillingness to punish leakers:

But, the mainstream media couldn't have gotten anywhere without the real villain in this story: the person or persons who leaked it to the press.

Yet another problem with our government: entrenched lifers in government service who have their own agendas...and if that happens to clash with national security, too bad for the rest of us.

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October 08, 2007

Take This Quiz!

How much do you know about Marxist, Socialist and Communist philosophies and their origins? Take this quiz...answers below the jump. Good luck, and let me know how you do in the comments section! (h/t Timothy M.)

1) "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common

A. Karl Marx
B. Adolph Hitler
C. Joseph Stalin
D. None of the above

2) "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few,
by the few, and for the few...and to replace it with shared
responsibility for shared prosperity."

A. Lenin
B. Mussolini
C. Idi Amin
D. None of the Above

3) "(We)...can't just let business as usual go on, and that means
something has to be taken away from some people."

A. Nikita Khrushev
B. Jose f Goebbels
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. None of the above

4) "We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to
give up a little bit of their own...in order to create this common

A. Mao Tse Dung
B. Hugo Chavez
C. Kim Jong Il
D. None of the above

5) "I certainly think the free-market has failed."

A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Molotov
D. None of the above

6) "I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the
most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being

A. Pinochet
B. Milosevic
C. Saddam Hussein
D. None of the above


Read More "Take This Quiz!"

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October 07, 2007

More SCHIP Sh*t

Sorry for the expletive, but this really is a load of horse manure.

Don Surber has the scoop on this one...a family that the Dems trotted out as the reason why President Bush was a big ol' meanie for not expanding SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) lives in a 3,000 foot home in a ritzy Baltimore suburb, and their three children attend an expensive private school.

LOL quote from Surber:

Interesting that public schools arent good enough for their kids but public health insurance is.

Be sure to read the comments section; one of the commenters finds out more about the school these kids go to. Very "la de da."

I live in a house that's about half the size of theirs and needs loads of repairs that I can't afford right now and send my kids to public school: but I have health insurance through my work. It takes a lot out of my paycheck -- money that could definitely be spent in a million other ways, but knowing my family is covered if someone is in an accident or becomes seriously ill is important. My husband works as an IT contractor and has no insurance benefits, so we're very lucky that I have a job that does.

Spend your money how you'd like...but don't cry when you don't have enough left for things like health insurance for your family and expect the taxpayers to foot the bill. I'm sick of the whole nanny state mentality that seems to be taking over this nation.

On a tip from Kitty!

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October 05, 2007

Canada's Border Officials Go By the Book

My piece over at American Thinker today.

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Bill Clinton: Pick Me, Pick Me!

He's already picking out the curtains and the china pattern, so to speak. Bill Clinton envisions himself in some kind of diplomatic role if wifey gets elected president next year.

When asked what sort of job he would prefer, Clinton said: "I think that probably I would be of most use to her doing something to try to help restore America's standing in the world, and build more allies and get us to work together again."

Yes, let's go back to that cozy 9/10 feeling, shall we? When America was loved by everyone, thanks to the Clinton presidency. Of course, Osama bin Laden was making his plans during the Clinton administration, but Bill must mean "everyone but" bin Laden.


And it's a win-win for the missus. She gains the power she craves AND can send Bill packing without the mess of an actual divorce!

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October 04, 2007

Media Matters and the Faux Rush Controversy

Back in 2004, Byron York took a look at the origins of Media Matters for America. Since the group is currently creating a false controversy over something Rush Limbaugh supposedly said about our soldiers (one that Senate Dems have only been too happy to jump into), National Review is re-running the piece today. It's a must-read if you'd like to know more about this group and its agenda.

Oh, and you must read Ann Coulter's take on the whole thing...masterful and amusing as always.

Speaking of which, I'll be joining Andrea Shea-King on her Blogtalk Radio show tonight at 9pm Eastern to discuss it the attack on Limbaugh and its implications for free speech -- not just for conservatives, but everyone. Click here to listen, and click here to join the chat room. We hope you'll join us!

UPDATE: MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell cuts off Sgt. Mark Seavey from the American Legion when he tries to explain the plural "soldiers" that has everyone in a tizzy, and then gives the Vote Vets guy the "last word." She also seems to imply by the gravity of her tone that Clear Channel's CEO should have heeded the letter written by Harry Reid and his merry band of senators and forced Rush to apologize. Check it out:

h/t Ian Schwartz

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October 03, 2007

Senate Liberals 'Rush' To Judgment

I wrote about the controversy over at Family Security Matters today.

You may be wondering where the Senate comes into all of this. My goodness, where do I begin? One would expect senators to hold back from involving themselves in petty public disputes that have nothing to do with passing legislation on national security, the economy and so on. Theyre statesmen who are supposed to comport themselves with the dignity lent by the office they hold. Yet a number of liberal senators jumped into the maelstrom created by Media Matters with as much enthusiasm as Homer Simpson at an all-you-can-eat buffet:

Read it all!

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October 02, 2007

Burmese Bloggers Being Hunted

The news from Burma (renamed Myanmar by its brutal oppressors) is serious. Not only have protestors (including peaceful monks) been gunned down, but now the Junta is going after bloggers. I had heard about this from someone else, but Blue Crab Boulevard has the goods.

It's tempting to joke that groups like Media Matters and MoveOn would like to do the same to conservative bloggers, but the situation is too grave for that.

Sandra Carney has written a series of articles on the situation in Burma for Family Security Matters. She was born and raised there, so it's obviously a very distressing time for her. Her archived articles can be found here, with the most recent articles at the top. Be sure to check them out.

The Burmese bloggers are responsible for many of the images getting out of Burma, and it's quite obvious why they are now being targeted for death themselves. Reuters has a slideshow here, and more images are here. WARNING: graphic photos, especially on the second link. Don't click if you are at all squeamish.

Pray for the people of Burma, and pray that other civilized countries (including ours) will try to do something about their plight.

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October 01, 2007

Must See: '60 Minutes' Interview with Justice Clarence Thomas

Fascinating. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been called a "traitor" to his race for his belief that the Constitution is colorblind, granted an interview with Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes." It's a glimpse into his past and what helped shape his morals and values. Thomas' memoir, "My Grandfather's Son," has recently been published, and after seeing this interview, I am thinking of reading it.

Understatement of the century by Kroft: "Justice Thomas doesn't think much of the press." I can't imagine why.

Check it out here.

h/t Aaron

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F*** Bush Editorial Nonsense Continues

You know it's "big news" if the Times picks up on it. The idjit students over at Colorado State University, who thought it would be "necessary in communicating our opinion" about the current political debate by saying "F*** Bush" in bold letters on the editorial page, have been screaming about their First Amendment rights ever since the paper was printed.

Let's get down to brass tacks. First off, hardly anyone reads college newspapers, least of all the students. The one and only reason this has gotten any notice is because it denigrates the man liberals have demonized like no other president of our time. Calling a sitting president the most vile names, comparing him to the likes of Hitler, and claiming we are living in a fascist state because they can't accept the fact that Bush won in 2000 has become the liberal's new national sport. Whatever will they do when Bush leaves office? Who will they vent their spleen on then?

Secondly, this is NOT about free speech. See, if we didn't have free speech in this country, we would not be debating this editorial. The government would have shut down the newspaper, thrown the editorial board in jail with no trial, and the rest of us, had we even heard about it, would be afraid to say anything about it in public. Look at what's happening in Burma! So let's not confuse the issue.

The issue is really this: responsible speech and good taste. The editorial was tacky and childish. Those students know nothing about "challenging the current political climate." They've been spoonfed leftwing rhetoric day one from their professors, and so rather than write a thoughtful piece about the tasering of a college student in Florida -- which was, believe it or not, what this editorial was supposed to be about -- they take the opportunity to make a potty-mouthed broadside at President Bush who, as far as I know, had nothing to do with the taser incident. (If you'll recall, it happened at a forum with Sen. John Kerry.) I liken it to the young child who says his first swear word in front of an adult to see what kind of reaction he'll get. This is what higher education is buying us today?

As a result, the public became angry and a major advertiser (the school bookstore) pulled its advertising. Anyone in publishing (or any other kind of business) knows that if you offend your customers you will lose them. Now this J. David McSwane has been called on the carpet and may lose his position as editor, and has consulted a lawyer about his rights. Puh-leeze. His decision lost the paper $30,000 in advertising revenue, which meant major cuts in the budget. The possibility of his being fired, in my opinion, is more of a business decision than anything else.

Lesson one: free speech has consequences. If you want to use inflammatory speech, fine. But be prepared for criticism and possible retribution. Just because you can say it doesn't mean you won't get any kind of backlash for it. Lesson two: you'll get more of a thoughtful response to your speech if you use grown-up prose and avoid sounding like Beavis and Butthead hanging out in front of a convenience store. And you might even convert a few people to your way of thinking.

But it's lesson three that will stick in the minds of most people: print something stupid, pitch a fit after you're criticized for it, and have your name and face all over the national news for weeks. Not only is it good for your ego, but in today's "professional" media climate, having the "guts" to defame President Bush in your student newspaper just might be the ticket to your first job after graduation.

Such is the Jerry Springer-ization of our society today.

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    ENDORSEMENTS "Your stupid requirements for commenting, whatever they are, mean I'll not read you again." ~ "Duke Martin", Oraculations
    "One of the worst sites I've read." ~ Frank A. Niedospial