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January 20, 2010


Being partisan and celebrating Scott Brown's victory yesterday in Massachusetts is fun.

However, the Republican party should not learn the wrong lessons from this win or from the celebratory punditry.

The electorate in Massachusetts is still 3-1 in favor of the Democratic party. There were enough Independents and disaffected Democrats who chose to vote for Brown this time around because they are dissatisfied with the current direction of the Obama regime. (I can say regime, can't I?)

The Republican party did not suddenly benefit from a massive influx of newly registered Republicans. A lot of the narratives behind the discussions on the internet are also of no benefit to understand what really happened.

The focus group run by Frank Luntz strips away the ideology of both left and right and expresses the concerns of the center. Watch and learn.

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January 14, 2010

Quotable Coakley

While not up to the sheer callousness of the famous quote most probably uttered by Marie-Therese of Spain (not Marie Antoinette)...

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche
- Let them eat cake."

Martha Coakley does make a plebeian attempt at a quote equally feckless.

"As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?'

Let's translate that to give it the proper diction!

"Par opposition debout l'extrieur de Fenway Park? Dans le froid? Poignes de main?"

It is called campaigning, lady.

The left was fond of saying George Bush Sr. was born with a silver spoon "or foot", but Martha Coakley wants it all delivered on a silver platter.

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January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson is not a Christian

Pat Robertson pulls his hand away and sneers at the agony of Haiti.

Deeds, not words you smug self-righteous fool.

A true Christian who had the means to help someone truly in need, should. Careful with the stones you're throwing.

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We've been watching the Martha Coakley vs Scott Brown excitement up in Massachusetts, and the uninspiring sight of the Coakley campaign grasping at any straw to discredit their opponent smells of rank fear.

Time to unleash fear, uncertainty and doubt. And a good thug.

Good luck with those phantom stalkers. It is indeed a "little frightening how much traction he's been able to get so quickly."

update: a very important point difference about the two campaigns. Scott Brown's fundraising was done through citizen donations, Martha Coakley ran to Washington and a lobbyist fundraiser. Says it all.

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January 05, 2010


In the coming weeks and months this website we'll take a look at the man who is Connecticut's Senior Senator and his career. Not a pleasant task.

Let's start with the broadest and the most important argument in favor of showing Chris Dodd the door -- because it applies not only to him, but to every politician who has overstayed his welcome. And there are far too many in Washington who need to be shown the way out.

The man has been in office too long.

He was elected a United States Senator in 1980. Chris Cross and Kool and the Gang were were topping the charts. Bill Gates was selling DOS to IBM for the earth-shaking price of 50K. Ford was still making the Pinto. Cellphones, the Internet, Global Warming and the Simpsons weren't even remotely on anyone's horizons.

A senatorial term is six years. There's no limit on terms, so Chris Dodd keeps running and running - and we should note - keeps winning. The Senior Senator is the very definition of a careerist clocking in at 30 years as of 2010.

For all our sakes, the man needs to do something else.

So what does ABCD stand for!

Anyone But Chris Dodd!

UPDATE (1/6/10): Okay, so the news is out that Dodd is "retiring" and now we hear Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal plans to run for the seat. Trading one anti-business career Democrat for another is just as nauseating. The Republicans had better get the lead out if they hope to beat the guy who never met a corporation he didn't want to sue.

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