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September 16, 2009

Bury that Acorn!

The New York Times gamely holds it nose high as it tries to step around the Acorn pile. Buried on page A14 they sniff that conservatives have been attempting to tar the Obama campaign with accounts of voter fraud and other

Considering that of the 1.3 million new votes Acorn came up with in their voter drives during the last presidential campaign, almost a third were rejected as fraudulent. One would have to say fraud is indeed an appropriate word.

For an account of Acorn's activities, check out this confirmed list of "transgressions.

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April 29, 2008

Why Austria Should Have the Death Penalty

I know I have been remiss in my blogging, but I had to come out of my hole and comment on this news story. Why should Austria have the death penalty? Two words: Josef Fritzl.

The 73-year-old man kept his daughter Elisabeth locked up in the basement of their home for 24 years. Elisabeth, who is now 42, not only was kept in the basement all that time but bore her father's children -- seven of them. Six lived, one died several days after birth, and Elisabeth says her father burned the body in the incinerator. Three of those children were locked up in the basement with their mother while the other three were adopted by Fritzl and his wife. He claimed Elisabeth had run away with a religious cult and left the three children on the doorstep because she couldn't care for them. Fritzl's wife said she knew nothing, and neither did any of the tenants Fritzl rented rooms to.

The plot began to unravel when the 19-year-old daughter living downstairs became extremely ill and needed hospitalization. One wonders why he even bothered bringing her to the hospital. Maybe her body wouldn't fit in the incinerator. (Sorry, but the whole situation is simply repulsive.)

For news stories about this heinous crime, click here, here, here and here.

And here I thought that such horrors only happened in America. Nothing bad happens in Europe, right?

This miserable, revolting excuse for a human being faces a possible 15 years in prison for his crimes. Sure, at his age it's a death sentence, but why waste time and taxpayer dollars? He ruined the lives of eight people (I'm including the baby who died) forever. Elisabeth and the children who lived in the basement face years of psychiatric therapy with no guarantee that it will solve their problems. And the children who were raised by Fritzl and his wife now must deal with the knowledge of their parentage and what Daddy/Grandpa did to their mother and siblings. The whole affair is ghastly.

Sorry, Austria, I know you like to think that the death penalty is cruel and inhumane. I remember well your opposition to the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, who was convicted of killing four people in cold blood. But when you think about what this man did to so many people and for how long, giving this guy the chop will give the victims some much needed closure and relief from some of the anguish they must feel.

Unfortunately, I don't believe in miracles.


Worth less than the cost of a bullet.

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April 20, 2007

Would-Be Copycats Make Campus Threats

Apparently the freaks are crawling out of the woodwork after Monday's massacre at Virginia Tech, with numerous threats being made across the country.

Nationwide, many of the threats which spread in the time it takes to make a phone call or post a message on the Internet referred to Monday's massacre in Blacksburg, Va., in which gunman Cho Seung-Hui killed 32 people and himself, or the 1999 Columbine High School killings, authorities said. Friday is the eighth anniversary of the Columbine attacks.

One of the more idiotic cases involved a California web designer who posted a phony threat on his site against some San Diego University students, then contacted a TV station for publicity.

And a University of Nevada, Reno student who claimed "the Korean is my hero" in a text message to one relative, and told another relative he'd be on a "mission" for a few days, was arrested in Carson City on a probation violation.

Publicity...hmmm...wonder if any of these guys had stars in their eyes after NBC broadcast portions of the Virginia Tech murderer's video, which he sent to them in a package with some other "propaganda" items in the two hours between the first and second set of murders.

NBC sure is living up to its "Peacock Network" nickname...all puffed up with self-pride. Way to go guys!

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April 16, 2007

NY Times Editorial on Virginia Tech Shootings: More Stringent Gun Control

Like you had to guess what the Times' stance would be:

Yesterdays mass shooting at Virginia Tech the worst in American history is another horrifying reminder that some of the gravest dangers Americans face come from killers at home armed with guns that are frighteningly easy to obtain...

...Our hearts and the hearts of all Americans go out to the victims and their families. Sympathy was not enough at the time of Columbine, and eight years later it is not enough. What is needed, urgently, is stronger controls over the lethal weapons that cause such wasteful carnage and such unbearable loss.

Interesting that we haven't seen much MSM coverage of the Virginia General Assembly bill that was killed in January that would have allowed licensed gun owners to have their guns on campus. And don't expect to.

Criminals don't follow laws. That's why they're criminals. More stringent gun laws would affect law-abiding citizens, not those who ignore the law. Duh. According to this WaPo article, the guns the shooter was carrying had their serial numbers filed off. Obviously they were not obtained from a licensed gun dealer in a legal manner.

Michelle Malkin warns us to expect more of this. Get ready to have to defend the Second Amendment from the usual offenders.

UPDATE: AJ Strata has his doubts about the "lovers quarrel" aspect of the shooting: (h/t Kitty)

What really worries me is if this was a test for other attacks. If the man was testing College responses then the key would be to make this look like anything BUT a terrorist attack. I am not making the claim here this was terrorist related, but the man did not seem to be looking for his girlfriends lover, he seemed to be out trying to kill anyone he ran across. A perfect diversion for a test run would be a lovers quarrel. And ending it in a suicide negates the ability to get to the bottom of his motives. Of course violent jealousy is not uncommon, and more so in male dominated societies like those in Asia and the ME. In those places killing women is like throwing away property. But something is not right here. For someone who was in the emotional throws of jealousy, the attack shows signs of careful planning and cold execution. The two characteristics do not mix. Careful planning and cool execution implies a lot of self control and discipline, things which are in complete opposition to an out of control act of rage.

Remember, there were two bomb threats the previous week...

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February 22, 2007

When Good Intentions Go Awry

Via CNN:

A man says he broke into an apartment with a cavalry sword because he thought he heard a woman being raped, but the sound actually was from a pornographic movie his upstairs neighbor was watching.

"Now I feel stupid," said James Van Iveren, who has been charged in the case. "This really is nothing, nothing but a mistake."

Read the whole story here.

This guy's heart was in the right place. I hope he gets off with just probation, seeing as he didn't actually hurt anyone, and his intention was to stop what he thought was a violent crime happening in the apartment above.

h/t: Jeanette

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December 08, 2006

As We Near A Somber Anniversary...

Earlier this year, we learned about the naming of a street in St. Denis, France after cop killer/celebrity cause Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the murder of the Philadelphia policeman, Daniel Faulkner, who Abu Jamal was convicted of killing. Wyatt Earp at Support Your Local Gunfighter has a writeup of the events of that terrible day.

Were the bureaucrats of St. Denis hoping to appease the restless, non-integrated Muslims rioting in France by naming a street after an American cop killer who started out as a Black Panther in the '60s and converted to Islam while in prison?

Nearly seven months later, our Congress voted to denounce this decision. Although symbolic, it's refreshing that for once, the majority of our leaders are taking a stand against moonbattery.

Here's a memorial site for Faulkner. Here's a site dedicated to the man convicted of killing him. You decide.


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