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September 28, 2007

Dancing With the Dictators

Sorry posting has been so spotty this week...it's been pretty much the worst week at this job since I started nearly a year ago as far as obnoxious assignments that take far too long and have far too many problems to fix. Things should slow down a bit next week. (I haven't posted at Newsbusters now since the first week of September! I'd better get something up there soon or they'll think I've dropped off the face of the earth.)

In any case, please enjoy my current article at Family Security Matters:

Something else has reached dizzying heights popularity-wise these days, and thats reality television shows. With young couples showcasing their appalling parenting skills so that a snooty British nanny can tell them off, along with spoiled rotten rich kids whose parents put on sweet 16 parties to rival housewarmings planned by Alva Vanderbilt, I think the time is right for a brand-new reality show: Dancing With the Dictators. I tell you, its a match made in heaven. Remember those old candy commercials where the guy eating the chocolate bar and the guy eating peanut butter from the jar would bump into each other, get mad, but then try the new combination and smirk with joy? Yeah, thats how I envision Dancing With the Dictators: two vile tastes that taste vile together. Wasnt that the slogan?

Read it all here.

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September 25, 2007

Tools for the 21st Century

Tools for the 21st century...let's make a list:

institutes of higher education

Any questions?

The appearance yesterday of Iran's Ahmadinejad at Columbia University was an unprecedented embarrassment to our nation, but you wouldn't know it if you were in the audience. Apparently he received rounds of applause from the students and faculty who were "academically enlightened" enough to want to attend what now passes for a debate at an Ivy League college.

Columbia's president, Lee C. Bollinger, may have sounded "tough" in the few questions he asked, but as expected, Ahmadinejad offered the usual platitudes, smokescreens and indirect answers. For example, when asked if he sought the destruction of Israel, he said, "We are friends of all the nations," he said. "We are friends with the Jewish people. There are many Jews in Iran living peacefully with security."

He also made the ridiculous claim that there are no gay people in Iran...fortunately the audience didn't seem to swallow it:

"In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country," Ahmadinejad said to howls and boos among the Columbia University audience.

"In Iran we do not have this phenomenon, I don't know who has told you that we have it," he said.

I guess he was too busy planning incursions into Iraq to read the news about this execution last year.

He then compared capital punishment in the US to capital punishment in Iran. However, the big difference is that here in the US, prisoners who are sentenced to death have committed the heinous crime of murder...and only meet their fates AFTER a very lengthy trial and appeals process. That's a far cry from executing someone either for being a homosexual or for having sex out of marriage.

But the big win for Ahmadinejad had nothing to do with his speech or his lame answers to lame questions...but the fact that he was allowed on Columbia's campus in the first place. Our enemies are supposed to tremble in fear of us, not RSVP to invitations to speak at so-called institutions of higher learning. I can just imagine how this whole incident is playing out back home in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East: "We have nothing to fear from those stupid Americans. They invite us to speak to their students!"

Just think of it: maybe Osama bin Laden's PR guy is phoning Columbia right now, jockeying for a speaking engagement.

Within a year, my older daughter will start looking at colleges. You can be sure that neither Columbia nor Duke (home of false accusations) will be on the list.

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September 21, 2007

Lee and Mahmoud...

My latest article at Family Security Matters:

His request was denied for reasons of security and safety. Why wasnt it denied on the grounds of common decency? A spokesman for the National Security Council in the White House made the understatement of the year when he said, "It seems odd that the president of a country that is a state sponsor of terror would visit ground zero." It also seems odd that the same president would be welcome at the U.N., an organization that is supposedly in existence to foster peace and harmony throughout the world. But who am I kidding? This is the same U.N. that once welcomed Cuba onto its Human Rights Council and made Saddam Husseins coffers spill over during a period of sanctions against Iraq, thanks to its highly corrupt Oil for Food program.

This is yet another reason why we should consider not only withdrawing our membership from the U.N., but kicking them out of New York and letting some other sap of a country host them. Not only would NYC no longer have to worry about millions of dollars worth of unpaid parking fines, but we as a nation wouldnt have to babysit a bunch of people who make no bones about how much they despise the United States. Plus, think of how much money well save by not having to pay membership dues! (Dont worry; Democrats will think of new ways to spend it. A penny saved is a penny spent.)

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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September 20, 2007

Hillary Calls Cheney 'Darth Vader'

The maturity of Democrats knows no bounds:

"Vice President Cheney came up to see the Republicans yesterday," Clinton said at the fundraiser. "You can always tell when the Republicans are getting restless, because the Vice Presidents motorcade pulls into the Capitol, and Darth Vader emerges."

And you can tell when Democrats are getting restless, because Mrs. Clitnon's motorcade pulls into fundraisers and The Emperor emerges.


Mrs. Clinton: puppetmaster of the Democrat Party

On a tip from Jeanette!

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Jack Murtha: Cornered by Jason Mattera

Wow, this is an absolute must-see video of Jason Mattera from Young America's Foundation corner Congressman Jack Murtha and ask him the one question "media professionals" can't be bothered to. No, it's not about his apparent eagerness to take a bribe, althought that question deserves to be asked as well.

The vid is on the main page of YAF's site. Click and enjoy.

BTW, Jack, using the old "did you serve?" card doesn't cut the mustard here.

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September 19, 2007

It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Arrgh, avast ye bilge rats! Once again it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Landlubbers like yerselves are invited to take part in piratical talk like "yo ho ho," "pass the grog," and "let's get ourselves some wenches."

Here's the blasted website for ye to see fer yerselves how easy 'tis to be a pirate for a day.

So hoist the jolly roger, dance a hornpipe and drink up, me hearties, while there's still rum to be had! International Talk Like a Pirate Day only comes once a year!

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September 18, 2007

Another Take on GOE III at

I've written more about the Gathering of Eagles III over at FamilySecurityMatters.org today.

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September 17, 2007

The U.S. Naval Academy is...gasp...Run by the NAVY!

Can you believe it? Military are academies run by the military and graduates are expected to serve in the military upon gradution? Someone PLEASE tell me this isn't true...

So runs the theme throughout this op-ed piece written by Idris Leppla, a Columbia University student majoring in political sciene. (Pray she doesn't run for office some day.) If this is the calibre of students that Columbia turns out, our nation is in bigger trouble than I thought.

The opening sentence indicates how large an ego this woman must have:

I know why I chose Columbia: the campus is magnificent, the education is top-tier, and my peers are intelligent. I could look at a stranger, tell him or her that I went to Columbia, and hear the predictable, Wow, you must be smart.

Yep. Every time I meet someone who went to one of the self-proclaimed "elite" schools, I think, "Golly, what a brilliant person. I feel humbled to be in his presence, since I only went to a state school." My biggest quandary is whether to bow down and kiss his ring OR turn my face to the wall, a la Barbra Streisand's staff, so as not to offend with my presence...

Unfortunately for her, the next sentence belies this "smartness":

When my brother was getting ready to go to the Naval Academy, everyone ooohed and awed about how brave he was.

Um, that's "oohed and ahhed," not "ooohed and awed." (Doesn't the Columbia Spectator have copy editors?)

But the best part comes as Ms. Leppler and her mother discover that the U.S. Naval Academy is actually a MILITARY institution, and they try to get her brother discharged. Not because he asked, mind you, but because his being there upset them. Amazing that they themselves didn't know what he was up to, but they then decided he somehow was duped into signing up for just a stellar education.

The ending is priceless:

My brother ended up liking Annapolis and he has decided to stay. While it has been difficult for me to accept that I have a brother in the military, I must allow him to pursue whatever path he is drawn toward, and he has admitted to me that he feels called to being there. However, for anyone else out there considering a career in the academy, let it be known: the U.S. Naval Academy is not an elite college; it is first and foremost a branch of the U.S. military and the prestige comes at a big priceit taxes parents, siblings, and participants if they do not understand what they were signing up for.

Be sure to read the comments section; commenters take Ms. Leppler to task for her ignorance in not only how military academies operate, but her mistaken notion of the quality of education cadets/midshipmen receive. I'll bet her brother comes out of his experience with a much firmer grip on reality and a much better education than this gal is receiving at Columbia.

Speaking of embarrassed, Ms. Leppler's brother must be embarrassed that his "smart" sister not only isn't as smart as she thought, but that she would both dare to try to get him discharged against his will AND would write such a self-serving, disrespectful op-ed piece for the entire world to see. As some commenters point out, it might be the cause of some caustic comments from his fellow midshipmen and upperclassmen.

Ms. Leppler, you might want to spend more time in class and less time hanging out in the student union. Wait a minute, scratch that...at Columbia, spending more time in class means you'll come out more of a Leftwing moonbat than if you goof off.

For the record, I appreciate his service, as do so many of us in this nation. Too bad his own family can't accept the choice he made, as an adult, to serve his country with dignity and honor.

*UPDATE: Per the byline, Leppla goes to Barnard College...but she says Columbia in her piece...I'm thoroughly confused. But like I said, I went to a state school...I'm not very smart.

h/t: Right Wing Nation

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France Grows a Pair

One of those "Believe It or Not" moments:

France's foreign minister warned Sunday that the world should prepare for war if Iran obtains nuclear weapons and said European leaders were considering their own economic sanctions against the Islamic country.

Sanctions, schmanctions. You saw how much they affected Saddam Hussein...he managed to get his funds the sleazy way, via the U.N. Oil for Food program. And he didn't give two hoots for the people anyway...much as, I figure, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn't care much for the welfare of the common man. He's too busy trying to figure out how to wipe Israel off the map and how to either cripple or destroy the Great Satan.

But...we may have to abandon our "cheese eating surrender monkeys" moniker for the French. With Nicholas Sarkozy at the helm, it's a whole new ball game.

I wonder how much the Dems want to emulate the French now?

On a tip from Jeanette!

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September 16, 2007

I'll Be on the Andrea Shea-King Show TONIGHT

Andrea-Shea King has invited me to be on her 580 WDBO, Orlando show this evening to discuss the Gathering of Eagles yesterday in Washington D.C. Some of her other guests tonight include Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic (who was a huge part of the GOE) and Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, another major participant.

The show begins at 9pm ET. I'll be on around 9:30, but be sure to listen to the entire show to hear her speak with all of her great guests. ThirdWaveDave has information on how to listen online here.

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September 15, 2007

Gathering of Eagles III

So I spent most of my day on the Mall in Washington D.C. with Aaron. We arrived at 8:30 am and made our way to the area where MoveAmericaForward.org had their platform set up. The day started out a bit cloudy, but brightened up as it progressed. Here, you'll see that the crowd is a bit thin, but it got larger throughout the day.

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 001.jpg

Some of the groups represented today were Free Republic, Protest Warriors, MoveAmericaForward.org and Families United. Thanks to all of them for making the day possible. Below, Aaron is ready to let us all know what he thinks:

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 003.jpg

To warm the crowd up just a little, Dwayne Cleveland from Georgia was on hand to sing a patriotic song. Aaron and I moved throughout the crowd, looking at some of the great signs and t-shirts that people were sporting. Below is one of my favorites...I saw them on quite a few people today:

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 006.jpg

The College Republicans from American University made a small but spirited showing:

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 008.jpg

Another great sign...yes he is dead, and so is his relativity. Get over it!

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 004 (2).jpg

If you had to, er, "wash your hands" (as my stepfather would say), the facilities were plentiful AND clean. Unfortunately, one of the stalls was permanently occupied:

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 002.jpg

Two others had permanent occupants; Cindy Sheehan and Ramsay Clark.

The proceedings began around 9:30 am, and Kristinn Taylor from Free Republic led the public in a rousing chant of USA, USA!

GOE Sept. 15, 2007 007.jpg

Kristinn then passed the microphone over to Melanie Morgan. I'm not a great note-taker when people are talking, but I managed to take down some of Melanie's remarks, along with remarks made by other speakers. Melanie was full of pep and energy, praising "the patriotic Americans who stepped forward" to give a message of "love and support for our troops." Something she said was echoed throughout the rest of the rally: "We will win this war...surrender is never an option!"

goe sept. 15, 2007 010 (2).jpg

After Melanie's opening salvo, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Megan Ortega, the National Anthem was sung a capella by Kit Lange (from Free Republic). The audience joined in. Rev. Hawke then gave the invocation. As part of his invocation, Rev. Hawke prayed to "enlighten those at the other end of this Mall, in that domed building, [that] surrender is not a word in our vocabulary."

Some of the speakers included Larry Bailey and Chris Hill from the Gathering of Eagles. Chris was very impassioned. His remarks included the following: "I would bleed on that flag to keep the stripes red, and I know I'm not alone...I don't care what they [anti-war protestors] have to say anymore...you do not speak for me."

goe sept. 15, 2007 012 (2).jpg

Peter Hesgeth, president of Vets for Freedom, also spoke. He discussed the "two Americas," but they aren't the ones John Edwards likes to talk about. In addtition to reminding us that since American GIs first soaked the beaches of Normandy in blood up until now, they have "fought and died oppressing all that is evil." He also reminded us that "now is the time to stand by our troops, stand by their commanders, and stand by their mission." Wise words indeed.

goe sept. 15, 2007 013 (2).jpg

Excerpts from the speech made by Bradley Blakeman of FreedomsWatch.org: "We give voice to real Americans...this is just the beginning...victory is our only option...America will never surrender to our enemies." He compared our current struggle against Islamofascists to the rise of the Nazis: "We will not let this happen again."

Lloyd Marcus sang at the GOE on March 17th. This time, his dad was along for the ride, and joined Lloyd onstage as he sang "Remember 9/11."

goe sept. 15, 2007 015 (2).jpg

There are so many speakers, I can't do them all justice. Dr. Kimberly Cagin said that "America is in Iraq to defend our homesoil anad our allies against those who would destroy us." Merrilee Carlson, head of Families United, spoke of her son, Sgt. Michael Carlson, who died when the Bradley he was in went into a culvert and into the water. Because he was able to partly pry open the hatch, two out of the seven soldiers survived. Shouts of "hero" resonated through the crowd as Merrilee spoke.

Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson was introduced by Melanie Morgan, who said "he carried the nuclear football for President Bill Clinton...and has regretted it ever since." During his speech, Buzz said, "I've seen firsthand how leftwing politicians hate the military. It's disgusting." He also said that "the Left only wins when America loses."

goe sept. 15, 2007 020 (2).jpg

Some of the more impassioned speeches, which elicited great responses from the crowd, included those by Blue Star and Gold Star parents, including Deborah Johns (Blue Star) and Debbie Lee (Gold Star). Deborah Johns declared, "No retreat, no surrender, not now, not ever!" Greg Garvey, Gold Star father of Sgt. Justin Garvey, said, "Do you know what time it is? It's AKT -- a** kickin' time."

Joe and Jan Johnson, whose son Justin was friends with Casey Sheehan and died shortly after Casey did, spoke of their son with pride. Their story is told in the book "American Mourning: The Intimate Story of Two Families Joined by War, Torn by Beliefs." Their older son is currently serving in Afghanistan.

A surprise guest was Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who is also running for president. Hunter's son Duncan Jr. is a Marine who served in Iraq and is currently serving in Afghanistan. In addition to quoting Ronald Reagan's 1981 inaugural speech, Hunter said, "God still loves this country...for the next generation, we are fighting this war against terror."

goe sept. 15, 2007 026 (2).jpg

Among the final speakers was a Corp. Finelli (sp?). I missed his first name, but he received a great deal of cheering from the crowd. He lost one of his arms in Iraq, and his legs were injured as well, but they are healing and he can walk with the assistance of a cane. He said, "I don't just fight for America, I fight for the world."

goe sept. 15, 2007 032 (2).jpg

The rally wrapped up around noon with a musical tribute to our fallen troops. You couldn't hear a thing except the song playing, and tears were seen in many eyes (including my own). The Gold Star families who arrived with the caravan stood with Melanie Morgan and the other MoveAmericaForward.org people in unity, holding their hands.

The highlight of my day? Meeting Melanie Morgan, who I've had some e-mail communication with this past year (she's the better looking one):

me and melanie (2).jpg

After the rally ended, we headed over to Pennsylvania Avenue to line the street for the big ol' anti-war march planned for 1:30. We stood around until 3:00 before the march began. We lined both sides of four avenue blocks. How many of us were there? Not sure. There were a lot of anti-war marchers, but as Aaron pointed out, many of them were probably local college students who didn't have much to do on a Saturday afternoon.

What struck me most about the anti-war people was their penchant for profanity. I heard lots of "F*** you a**holes" and there were plenty of middle fingers on display. One young girl, probably around the age of 15 or so, walked by shouting "Suck it" and giving us a visual f*** you with her arm and fist. Her mother was right there encouraging her.

Another thing that bothered me as I watched the marchers were the parents who dragged their young kids along. I'm talking YOUNG, under 10. One girl was in a line where the marchers were "tied" together, and she looked terrified. And who wouldn't be? With all the shouting and angry people left and right, I'd be frightened too. Below are some shots (courtesy of Aaron, as my camera was out of commission at this point) of the march itself:

GOE III 087.jpg

GOE III 086.jpg

Above, Code Pink gets into a scrap with pro-troop ralliers and the cops are sorting it out. Below, check out the "press truck." The press was there in full force when the troop haters arrived, but fairly ignored those of us there supporting our military. Aaron shouted continually, "Biased media!" Biased indeed. Thanks a lot for nothing, guys.

GOE III 089.jpg

No need to post any more of the actual march; you'll see plenty of those in the mainstream media. Were there more troop haters than troop lovers? Maybe. But our hearts were in the right place. We stand for victory, they stand for defeat. They claim to support the troops, but what they are really doing is bringing down morale and encouraging our enemies.

Michelle Malkin was there...here's her account in progress.

UPDATE: MM has more.

OTHERS BLOGGING: This Ain't Hell, Gateway Pundit, PC Free Zone, Age of Hooper, Atlas Shrugs, Cao's Blog, Crawfish's Swamp

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September 14, 2007

Pro-Troop Rally TOMORROW!


So I'm now in Maryland...took a pleasant train ride and was met by Aaron at the station. He and I will be joining up with the Protest Warriors tomorrow morning at the Navy Memorial in Washington D.C. in order to do our part to counter the anti-war, anti-troop, anti-American rally being sponsored by International ANSWER. Across the street from us will be the Gathering of Eagles, along with the MoveAmericaForward.org folks (whose caravan arrived in Washington D.C. last night).

I'll post on tomorrow's happenings as soon as possible. Looking forward to it for sure!

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September 13, 2007

Update on Youssif!

Today I received an e-mail from Leela V., who works at the Children's Burn Foundation in Sherman Oaks, California. She was writing not only to thank me for highlighting Youssif's situation on my blog, but to update me on his situation:

Youssif and his family have arrived in the US and are settling into their new surroundings and adjusting to life in Los Angeles. Youssif had his first consultation with Dr. Grossman today and afterwards was treated to lunch at every kids favorite place.... McDonald's! where he was greeted by the owner of that location who kindly picked up the tab for lunch.

For those of you unaware of who Youssif is, he is a 5-year-old boy from Baghdad who, back in January, was attacked by masked men outside of his home who doused him with gasoline and set him on fire. After CNN ran a story about his plight in August, the Children's Burn Center stepped up to help him -- free of charge. My original post, which includes a link to the Center for donations, is here.

Bless the Children's Burn Center and all they do for children like Youssif. It warms the heart.


Getting the help he needs!

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Quote of the Day

"America won't stay a great country on its own. We have to keep up our part of the bargain." ~ Raposa, a commenter over at Right Wing News

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Good News for America Means Bad News for Democrats

My weekly column at FamilySecurityMatters.org deals with the attempt by Democrats and their minions to humiliate General David Petraeus and discredit him before he had a chance to speak:

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said it best back in July. If the report by Petraeus were to be positive, Clyburn admitted it would be a real big problem for us. Hes not talking about Americanshes talking about the Democrat Party, who took back the House and Senate in the 2006 midterm elections on an anti-war ticket, and still they have yet to accomplish what MoveOn.org and their ilk paid them to do. (According to MoveOn.org, we bought it, we own it, and were going to take it back. It, of course, is the Democrat Party.)

Why is it that Democrats would rather invest in the defeat of our military, thus the defeat of our country, than do what we can to achieve the objective of getting Iraq to the point where it can fend for itself? The answer, sadly, is politics and power. Oh, and winning Miss Congeniality in the U.N.s upcoming Miss Nation contest. Everyone wants to be liked, right?

Read it all here.

RELATED: It turns out the NYT gave MoveOn.org a substantial discount on their "General Betray Us" ad, while charging FreedomsWatch.org "significantly more" for an ad of the same size that ran a day later. To quote Allahpundit, "never underestimate the Times."

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September 12, 2007

Snickers Feast

YouTube fun. Enjoy!

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Imus "Nappy Headed Ho" Lawsuit Withdrawn

The Rutgers student who filed suit against Don Imus after Imus called the university's women's basketball team "nappy headed hos" has withdrawn that suit:

Kia Vaughn had contended in the lawsuit filed in August in New York state Supreme Court that the comments made by Imus had damaged her reputation. The lawsuit also named various media outlets that broadcast Imus' show.

Marti McKenzie, a spokeswoman for Vaughn's attorney, Richard Ancowitz, said in a statement that Vaughn had chosen to focus on her education at New Jersey's Rutgers University as a journalism major and as an athlete with the basketball team.

If I were to meet Ms. Vaughn on the street tomorrow, it's likely I wouldn't know who she is. Not only that, why would I judge her over a stupid comment made by Don Imus? Seems to me it's his reputation that got trashed as a result of this situation. Maybe he should sue someone?

For whatever reason, wisdom and cooler heads prevailed here. Ms. Vaughn would do well to get on with her life like the rest of us.

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September 11, 2007

Yesterday's Petreaus Protest a Dud

That is, if you believe Mark Hemingway's account over at National Review Online. Check it out...he made a believer out of me!

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9/11...Six Years Out

And so its 9/11. Six years ago today, hijacked airliners slammed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a farmers field in Pennsylvania, with Islamic terrorists armed with box cutters inside shouting Allahu Akbar!

Six years ago today, our whole world seemed to come tumbling down with the World Trade Center buildings.

But today, where are we at?

* We have Democrat candidates for president who think that our fight against worldwide Islamic jihad is a bumper sticker slogan, and that jihad is really all our fault.
* There are anti-war groups who argue that America is the bad guy always was, always will be even though they have nothing to fear by voicing their displeasure with our government.
* We have a leftwing press that spins the news from Iraq and Afghanistan so that the worst possible side comes out, therefore encouraging an attention-span-challenged public to clamor for a precipitate pullout.
* We have so-called leaders in Congress taking it upon themselves to trash the reputation of the four-star general in charge of operations in Iraq.
* Some of those congressional leaders (who are elected to legislate) have also taken it upon themselves to visit with leaders of countries that our president (who is elected to take charge of foreign policy and diplomacy) has decreed off-limits.
* Our borders are far from secureif the country was a boat, shed sink faster than the Titanic. Desperate for votes, politicians from both parties are willing to turn a blind eye to those who violate our nations immigration lawsand not all of them are simply here for a job washing dishes or mowing lawns. There are such violators who would use these lapses against usthe 9/11 hijackers did just that.

This is where we are at, six years later. Obviously we havent learned much, other than many people are so desperate for a return to comfort and normalcy or win elections that they are willing to ignore these very serious issues.

But you shouldnt. You dont have to attend a memorial service but you should never forget what happened on that day. Keep the lessons from 9/11 close at handfor if we, as a nation, allow ourselves to forget, well have a new tragedy to deal with. Our enemy never rests, and neither should we.

(Over at Family Security Matters, there are other thoughts on the lessons of 9/11. Check them out.)

UPDATE: One of my best friends was working in midtown Manhattan on that day, and saw the events unfold from her office window. She still works there, and has posted her recollections of that day. Be sure to read it.

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September 10, 2007

Quote of the Day

"In the past, compassion was extended to the elderly, the abused, the innocent and the infirm. But during the last few decades, it has become an entitlement demanded by members of various voting blocs. In short order, it has been transformed into political currency doled out by political hacks trolling for votes." ~ Burt Prelusky

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Panderers, One and All

The Democrat presidential candidates were on a debate hosted by the Spanish-language television station Univision last night. Here's a sample of the rhetoric being tossed about willy nilly:

Hillary Clinton, regarding an immigration bill passed in 2006:

She said the bill, which would have punished people who aid illegal immigrants, "would have criminalized the Good Samaritan. It would have criminalized Jesus Christ." Notice Hillary only brings religion in when it's convenient? I wonder if she worries about Jesus' view on abortion?

Bill Richardson on the wall:

"Congress only funded half of the wall," said Richardson, who also served as energy secretary and U.N. ambassador in the Clinton administration. "If you are going to build a 12-foot wall, you know what is going to happen? A lot of 13-foot ladders. This is a terrible symbol of America." What's a terrible symbol? That America recognizes her sovereignty and will defend her borders? Och, terrible, aye.

Barack Obama on Bush's "missed chance":

"They [American workers] feel that they are losing jobs. They feel like they are losing health care," the Illinois senator said. "They feel that they are falling behind, and their children won't have a better future. So a president has to speak out forcefully against anti-immigrant sentiment and racist sentiment, but also has to make sure that all workers are being tended to." It's not anti-immigrant sentiment, it's anti-ILLEGAL ALIEN sentiment. Get it right, Barack, you're running for the highest office in the land.

Chris Dodd on Cuba:

"We need to understand it and be part of the transition in that country, to make a difference as it is occurring," Dodd said. What transition? Raul is just as much a hardliner as Fidel. Dodd=useful idiot.

John Edwards (aka Silky Pony) on the war:

Former Sen. John Edwards, the party's 2004 vice presidential nominee, said he was concerned the report -- presented by Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker -- would be "a sales job by the White House." Silky would know about sales jobs...he conned enough juries in his day.

Joe Biden was unavailable; he was likely preparing his remarks that General Petraeus is "dead flat wrong" on Iraq. Interesting, since Petraeus hasn't given his official report yet. Oh, but he did preface the above remark with, "I really respect him..." Um, yeah, Joe, I'm sure you really respect a man whose position you see fit to judge before you hear his official report.

Gee, which one should I support?

On a tip from Jeanette!

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September 07, 2007

I'm In: Pro-Troop Rally, Washington D.C., Sept. 15


Initially I didn't think I'd be able to swing it, but I've made the decision to make it happen. I'm taking the train down to Washington D.C. so that I can be a part of the pro-troop rallies that are taking place that day. International ANSWER will be there, so this is our way of telling them where they can go. (And it ain't Disneyland.)

I'll be joining Protest Warrior at the Navy memorial, located on Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 9th. Aaron will be there too (in fact, he'll be my host for the weekend again), and we plan to meet up with Gayle at some point during the day. There'll be blog postings galore afterward, and I plan to do a more formal writeup for submission to other sites (including Family Security Matters).

The Gathering of Eagles will be right across the street, which is where (I believe) the Move America Forward caravan will end up, so it should be a great joining of patriotic force.

If you can, please join us...the more the merrier. If you can't, please do what you can to give the event as much exposure as possible, either on your blog (if you have one) or by e-mailing friends and family about it.

Let's show those who would revel in America's defeat that the rest of us aren't eager to do the same! Victory is our only option. Let's do it!

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September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson is Finally In

After four months of testing the waters, Fred Thompson has finally made his intention to run for president official. You can check out his video at Fred '08. He was on Leno last night, but as I've started a new early work schedule, I did not stay up to watch. (Hot Air has video highlights that I will check out later.)

Now that he is officially a candidate, you can expect his rivals to turn up the heat. And look for more hit jobs from the mainstream media about his wife, his former lobbying career, and the fact that he's also an actor. Gee, I thought the Left loved actors! Oh, right, just not conservative ones.

As for his undistinguished record as a senator, whose senatorial record is distinguished out of the current crop of candidates? Out of the frontrunners, neither Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards have introduced any substantial legislation, and the press just loooves them. (As for Hillary, the biggest item on her resume is that she's married to Bill Clinton. That, and she's a dyed-in-the-wool socialist who wants to institute the Nanny States of America.) Out of the Republican frontrunners, only McCain has been (and still is) a senator. While he's served with distinction for the most part, his part in the recent illegal immigrant amnesty debacle will be a big black mark against his name.

And if we're going to hold lobbying against Thompson, we should certainly consider holding Edwards' bloodsucking trial lawyer past against him. He made his pile by putting doctors out of business on dubious claims of malpractice. And how about Hillary's unscrupulous past?

I'm now looking very forward to seeing if Fred can walk as well as he can talk. Let the games begin!

UPDATE (11:45 ET): See? That didn't take long.


He's in...can he win?

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Better Late Than Never, Katie Couric

My latest over at Family Security Matters:

Believe me; its tempting to suggest that Courics trip is a desperate attempt to revive her shows stagnant ratings. But even if thats true, we must give credit where its due. For journalists traveling to Iraq, there is always an inherent risk involved, even though they are provided with the best security available. And when a journalist with Courics well-documented liberal credentials (and cushy, high-profile job) not only risks her safety by traveling to a war-torn city but actually admits that things are going better than hoped well, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Read the whole thing here.

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September 05, 2007

What Is Eco-Enslavement?

It's been a crazy day for me and so I haven't been available to post my own thoughts, but I wanted to share this gem with you today (h/t husband-dude). From the site Spiked, we get: Is carbon offsetting just eco-enslavement?

What might once have been referred to as back-breaking labour is now spun as human energy. According to Climate Care, the use of labour-intensive treadle pumps, rather than labour-saving diesel-powered pumps, saves 0.65 tonnes of carbon a year per farming family. And well-off Westerners - including Cameron, and Prince Charles, Land Rover and the Cooperative Bank, who are also clients of Climate Care - can purchase this saved carbon in order to continue living the high life without becoming consumed by eco-guilt. They effectively salve their moral consciences by paying poor people to live the harsh simple life on their behalf.

Read it all.

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September 04, 2007

Socialism is More than Just Economics

While reading a post over at Moonbattery about John Edwards' plan to make us all visit the doctor on his schedule under his proposed health plan, I came across the following gem in the comments section from "Ian from the EUSSR":

Speaking here from the UK, this is the very basis of the "Social System". Socialism is more than an economic system, indeed that's largely a side issue (especially these days). The illogic of these people is simple; if you wish to benefit from a system, you must act "responsibly" by doing as you're told. But you're not allowed to opt out. IOW, you're *obligated* to "benefit" whether you want the benefit or not, and unless you fully comply with what is decided by ideologically driven nutters is best for you, you're a social defector pissing in everybody else's bathwater, and thus no sanction against you is too great.

Americans should do all they can to avoid this imposition, though they'll probably be unable to stop it as the Social Movement have spent the past century worming their tendrils into every political and social institution. Enjoy the waiting lists, lack of choice and bureaucratic dictators, guys.

My only other observation is, at the risk of anti-Americanism, (which isn't my purpose); American intellectuals contributed a vast amount to the creation of the Social Movement, so it's probably poetic justice that you should suffer its full horrors along with the rest of us.

The only hope left ISTM is if we can pull the rug out from under the Global Warming hoax, the rest of the horrendous ideology can be destroyed as collateral damage. I suspect that's too optimistic though.

Ian's right about everything, including his assertion that American intellectuals should be accorded their fair share of the blame. American intellectuals believe they know more than us about everything -- not just their specialized areas of study. This is why we have people like Noam Chomsky, who is a linguist, spouting off about the evils of capitalism. What's worse is that people actually take him seriously, along with the other intellectual "giants" who think their prowess in the lecture hall means they should be able to lecture all of society.

If you want this to be your fate, vote Democrat in 2008.

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He Probably Has a Pair of X-Ray Specs, Too!

Iran's President Ahmadinejad is absolutely, positively certain that America will not attack Iran. Reason one:

"In some discussions I told them 'I am an engineer and I am examining the issue. They do not dare wage war against us and I base this on a double proof'," he said in the speech on Sunday, reported by the reformist Etemad Melli and Kargozaran newspapers.

"I tell them: 'I am an engineer and I am a master in calculation and tabulation.

"I draw up tables. For hours, I write out different hypotheses. I reject, I reason. I reason with planning and I make a conclusion. They cannot make problems for Iran.'"

No tables were available for review, by the way. Then again, I wouldn't want to be the one to ask, as it would probably result in my being hanged, beheaded or stoned. Next!

The deeply religious president said his second reason was: "I believe in what God says."

"God says that those who walk in the path of righteousness will be victorious. What reason can you have for believing God will not keep this promise."

Interesting. George Bush is often mocked for his deeply religious convictions...convictions that guide him, but don't dictate that everyone who doesn't believe the same things he does must be annihilated. If that were true, then we'd be short quite a few Democrats in Congress.

But I don't hear the same dripping derision and scorn used to describe Bush's religious beliefs used to describe Ahmadinejad's.

Wonder why that is?


His religious credentials are never questioned...

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Katrina: Dollars and (Non)Sense

Last week, we observed the second anniversary (or would that be deathiversary?) of Hurricane Katrina. President Bush went to New Orleans and expressed all the right sentiments, blah blah blah. Pop quiz: Who wants to bet that once Bush is out of office, all this Katrina whining will cease?

It's been two years, and much of New Orleans is still a major mess. But let's face it, it was a mess before Katrina...Katrina simply gave some an excuse to put the blame for it on someone else than local leadership for a change.

John Hawkins expressed it very well last week in his Town Hall column:

Moreover, people lose their homes in this country every day of the year. If it isn't a hurricane, it's an earthquake. If it isn't an earthquake, it's a tornado. If it isn't a tornado, it's a fire. If it isn't a fire, it's a flood. Yet nobody sits and frets about John Doe, age 58, who lost his house in a flash flood two years ago or Jane Doe, age 60, who had her house blown away by a twister back in 2005.

But, we're all supposed to eternally sit around and weep tiny little tears of sadness for the people who really took it on the chin in a hurricane because they chose to live in a city shaped like a soup bowl on the coast. Let me tell all the citizens of New Orleans something that should have been told to them 18 months ago: it's time to stop playing the sympathy card and get over it.

Nobody is owed a living for the rest of his life because he had a bad break two years ago. Yet, we still have people affected by Katrina who have FEMA paying their rent. How sad and pathetic is it that these shiftless people are still leaching off their fellow citizens? Since when is being in the path of a hurricane supposed to give you a permanent "Get Out of Work Free" card?

As a fun little project (courtesy of husband-dude), let's take a look at how much federal money has been thrown at New Orleans as compared to what was thrown at San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake (note: this does not take into account charitable donations by private citizens):

Read More "Katrina: Dollars and (Non)Sense"

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