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September 28, 2007

Dancing With the Dictators

Sorry posting has been so spotty this week...it's been pretty much the worst week at this job since I started nearly a year ago as far as obnoxious assignments that take far too long and have far too many problems to fix. Things should slow down a bit next week. (I haven't posted at Newsbusters now since the first week of September! I'd better get something up there soon or they'll think I've dropped off the face of the earth.)

In any case, please enjoy my current article at Family Security Matters:

Something else has reached dizzying heights popularity-wise these days, and thats reality television shows. With young couples showcasing their appalling parenting skills so that a snooty British nanny can tell them off, along with spoiled rotten rich kids whose parents put on sweet 16 parties to rival housewarmings planned by Alva Vanderbilt, I think the time is right for a brand-new reality show: Dancing With the Dictators. I tell you, its a match made in heaven. Remember those old candy commercials where the guy eating the chocolate bar and the guy eating peanut butter from the jar would bump into each other, get mad, but then try the new combination and smirk with joy? Yeah, thats how I envision Dancing With the Dictators: two vile tastes that taste vile together. Wasnt that the slogan?

Read it all here.

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