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May 20, 2010

Blog Mohammed Day

For about an hour, I posted a lovely stick figure of my own creation. But after stumbling on this I knew I had a win/win.

This slanderous and without a doubt blasphemous cartoon was created by.... wait for it... a Muslim! By a mullah no less. This piece of propaganda was meant to stir up outrage throughout the Muslim ummah.

So, if someone feels like going all fatwah--eee, I would suggest directing your pointless rage at the mullah who made this picture to mess with your head.

update: Imam Ahmad Abu Laban of the Islamisk Trossamfund and Akhmad Akkari were the mullahs responsible for the cartoon below - please contact either of these two men if you have a problem with this depiction and ask exactly what did they mean?

update 2: As of today, we've removed the image. Mainly because we found the cartoon offensive and poorly done. I strongly recomend that Imam Abu Laban and Akhmad Akkari work on their drawing skills.

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