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April 30, 2007

Christopher Hitchens Slices and Dices George Tenet's Book


As for his bawling and sobbing claim that faced with crisis in Iraq, "the administration's message was: Don't blame us. George Tenet and the CIA got us into this mess," I can say, as one who has attended about a thousand postmortems on Iraq in Washington, that I have never, ever, not once heard a single partisan of the administration say anything of the kind. The White House may have thought that it could count on the CIA to present some sort of solidity in a crisis but, as Sept. 11 had already proved, more fool the White House.

I know I wouldn't want to be on the other end of Hitchens' poisonous pen.

More on Tenet over at the The Strata-Sphere.

h/t: Larwyn

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Latest GOP Bloggers Straw Poll Up

Click here to cast your vote.

*As of this writing, Fred Thompson is in the lead as first choice, with 54.7% of the vote. Rudi Giuliani has 15.5%, coming in at a distant second.

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John Edwards Considers Taxing Wealthy


Democratic presidential contender John Edwards said Sunday he would consider raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy to fund programs such as universal health care.

Edwards has long said he wants to repeal the tax cuts on upper-income earners enacted during the Bush presidency, but Sunday he seemed to go further, by saying he was open to raising them higher than they were before George W. Bush took office. He also said he would consider taxes on "excess profits," including those made by oil companies.

Edwards said it was more important to level with voters than to worry about the political consequences of advocating higher taxes.

"It's just the truth," Edwards said during a news conference following his speech to the California Democratic Party convention. "It's the only way to fund the things that need to be done."

Excess profits? Since when is the likes of Edwards, who made his fortune off of suing the pants off of doctors, the arbiter of what constitutes excess profits? If that's the case, I'd like to suggest that trial lawyers who make more than $200K per year be subject to an "excess profit" tax. Please make checks payable to me, as it would level my playing field quite nicely.

This is typical leftwing schtick. People who work hard and profit handsomely from their labor have an unfair advantage over everyone else, so they must be punished by higher taxes, which means that they have less money to invest in capital ventures that could end up benefiting many other people by creating more employment, etc. Edwards and other Democrats enjoy their roles as modern-day Robin Hoods -- except that the people they are stealing from didn't get their money by extorting the poor, but from hard work and smart investments. The ones who are being disproportionately taxed these days are the rich.

This is class warfare, pure and simple. I find it highly amusing, however, that instead of actual poor people leading the charge, we have obscenely wealthy politicians like Edwards, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and others who feel they are entitled somehow to tell the rest of us, rich, poor, or otherwise, how much is too much.

And the idea of universal healthcare should definitely scare everyone off. If you'd like to know more about how successful "free" government-run healthcare is, click here to see what's happening up in Canada. It seems "free" healthcare is great, as long as you don't come down with anything more serious than the flu.

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Tony Snow Back to Work!

White House Spokesman Tony Snow is back on the job.

"I've recovered from the surgery, more or less," Snow said in a CNN interview. "I'll start doing chemo on Friday. We'll do it every other week for four months."

Here's to his continued recovery, and to his keeping the rabid White House press on a short leash.

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April 28, 2007

Hillary is Multilingual

Yes folks, Mrs. Bill Clinton is multilingual because she sometimes puts on a lousy Southern accent -- not because she can speak more than one actual language. Boy, that woman can put a spin on everything. And you know whut Ah'm talkin' about!

Funny, though, how that accent tends to come out only in front of black audiences, even if those audiences are up North.

Just think of all the money schools could save if they stopped teaching languages and just coached kids in different "multilingual" accents. Then all that money could go toward more important things, like civics, which seem to be disappearing in our schools. Then maybe kids could grow up to recognize a political panderer when they see one.

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Mrs. Bill Clinton displays her "multilingual" skills in Selma

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April 27, 2007

Next on the Left's Hit List: Rush Limbaugh

They've always hated him. But their hatred takes on new life, as reflected in Vanity Fair's current piece on El Rushbo.

Brian Mahoney over at Radio Equalizer takes a look at the article by James Wolcott, which is riddled with personal insults and claims that Rush is wrong about everything, with proof being Al Franken's ramblings. Oh, and the obligatory Nazi reference in the form of Goebbels makes an appearance as well. (Rush's home address is also published...remember when that happened to Michelle Malkin?)

You know, the next time your local liberal runs Rush down, ask him if he's actually listened to Rush. And not just the sound bites provided by the MSM when they're criticizing him for something, but a whole show. I'll bet good money he likely hasn't.

h/t: Kitty

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Must-See: Jon Voight on O'Reilly Factor

Jon Voight joined Bill O'Reilly last night, and he had a lot of interesting things to say, including:

We have a real enemy. We're facing people who want to destroy America, who want to destroy all democracy. And in this country, I'm really quite frightened, Bill, at what has happened to our great nation.

Watch the video on Hot Air to find out what Voight's concerns are. To update what I've said before, it's nice to know that not everyone in Tinseltown wears a tin-foil hat.

Related: Jon Voight on President Bush, Iraq, and Agenda-Driven Journalism

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Al-Qaeda Bigwig Nabbed

UPDATE: Head on over to Captain's Quarters for updates to this story. As Ed says, "It's a good thing we're committed to staying in Iraq, isn't it? Because if we left, then we couldn't catch AQ commanders before they had a chance to get situated in Iraq and start killing people by the dozens."

One of al-Qaeda's "highest ranking and senior operatives" was captured last week and is now at Club G'itmo. Abd al Hadi al-Iraqi was intercepted while on his way to Iraq to take over "operations" there.

Now that Saddam Hussein has been dispatched, perhaps Ramsay Clark will be available to take over al-Iraqi's case?

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April 26, 2007

Hey Harry...Take A Gander at These Numbers!

The other day, Harry Reid said he didn't want to get into a "name calling" match with Dick Cheney, whom he claimed had only a 9% approval rating.

Well, I'm not sure where Reid is getting his numbers from, but according to the latest Harris poll, Cheney's approval rating is 25%, while Reid's is only 22%. Heh.

Some of the other ratings are headscratchers...for example, how in the world does Nancy Pelosi rate a 30% approval? And while Congress overall received only 27% approval, the Democrats are at 35%. What the...? Perhaps after today's vote to cede Iraq to the terrorists, Democrats will get their comeuppance. But who knows? Considering how ill-informed many of the general public are, I'm not too optimistic.

Coming out on top of everyone is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who garnered 45% approval. While that's down from her performance earlier this year, it just goes to show she is still a class act. (I like how she told the Democrats she wouldn't testify in person on prewar claims about WMDs.)

h/t: My mom

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On Iraq: National Interests and Honor

This is a must-read article at National Review by Joseph Morrison Skelly. I'm acquainted with him personally, and so am always happy to promote anything he does. Here's one interesting bit:

Innumerable Iraqi men and women have placed their trust in American national honor. One Iraqi official, when asked recently if the United States military should leave his country, had this to say: About your question, me and approximately all Iraqi people want that the U.S. Army stay in Iraq now, because if your Army left my country, our future will be destroyed and the freedom that we get, it will be lost. I hope that the American government will still help us until we reach the required safety and freedom.

Read it all. (Think Harry Reid will? Naaah, I didn't think so either.)

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Lynne Stewart Disbarred

Lynne Stewart may have gotten a slap on the wrist for her acts that benefitted an Islamofascist terrorist sheik, but the New York Supreme Court has now disbarred her, after denying her request to "voluntarily resign" from practicing law because she made the request after her felony conviction. (I thought lawyers were supposed to be hip to all those pesky details in the lawbooks.)

Apparently the moment she was convicted of a felony, she was subject to the possibility of losing her license in New York.

Looks like the donation button at the top of her website will be coming in handy!

Smile...you've just been disbarred!

h/t: V the K

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American Thinker Returns

As regular readers know, I have contributed several well-received articles to American Thinker, one of the most respected conservative sites on the web. Imagine my surprise when it "disappeared" yesterday, replaced by one of those annoying "squatter" sites. Fortunately for us, it's back, and editor Thomas Lifson tells us what happened. (Can you spell "scammed" boys and girls?)

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Carbon Offsets a Scam?

I'm shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you. I thought Al Gore and Hollywood would never steer me wrong. I trusted them! And to find that I've been bamboozled...well, it simply boggles the mind.

Moonbattery has all of the heartbreaking details.

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Dems to Giuliani: Don't Go There

UPDATE: Newsbusters has more on this story...apparently the MSM is trying to do a hit job on Giuliani by attributing words to him he didn't say. Click here for details.

Democrat candidates for president are taking Rudy Giuliani to task for, er, suggesting that they aren't strong on defense and don't take the terrorist threat seriously. Giuliani isn't backing down.

"They do not seem to get the fact that there are people, terrorists in this world, really dangerous people that want to come here and kill us," Giuliani said on "The Sean Hannity Show," according to a transcript distributed by his campaign. "They want to take us back to not being as alert which to me will just extend this war much, much longer."

He was defending his remark Tuesday in New Hampshire, where he echoed sentiments expressed by other Republicans in election time. The former mayor said if a Democrat is elected, "it sounds to me like we're going on defense. We're going to wave the white flag there."

But, he said, if a Republican wins, "we will remain on offense" trying to anticipate what the terrorists are going to do and