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March 28, 2007

Blair Turns Up Heat on Iran

Tony Blair may be squishy when it comes to social policies in Britain, but he's no squish when it comes to Britain's national security and military. He's now saying that if the 15 sailors and Marines Iran has detained are not released through diplomacy, a "different phase" could begin.

His words, immediately condemned by Iran as provocative, came as the US Navy began its biggest show of force in the Gulf since the invasion of Iraq four years ago, with manoeuvres involving two aircraft carriers, a dozen warships and more than 100 aircraft.

Who's being provacative? Iran grabbed British sailors who they say were in Iranian waters -- a claim that is being disputed by Britain, with Iraqi backing. And, as the US Navy is on hand giving demonstrations, I'm glad to see that if it comes down to it, we will not leave Britain in the lurch.

Commander [Kevin] Aandahl said that it was for regional stability and security. He added: If theres a destabilising effect, its Irans behaviour.

Exactly. Iran started it. We'll see who finishes it.

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