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September 15, 2010

Primary Snark

Random thoughts about the primaries and the candidates this fall.

I'm glad to hear about O'Donnell's win in the Delaware primary and not surprised by the reaction of the Republican establishment.

Look, as far as we're concerned the "establishment" needs to be kicked to the curb and hard. So far the official message we've been getting from the RNC is "we're the only other game in town, vote for us."

They don't want real change, they want a spot back at the trough. And please, don't disturb while we eating.

example: Karl Rove's reaction.

If the establishment can't get the message, then they are fired . None of us in the public sector have job security, why should you?

John Dennis out in San Francisco and the flying monkees. This is the kind of guerilla theatre he needs and he does appear to have a solid grasp on the issues.

As far as Pelosi, if I was a taxpayer, I would be asking some serious questions about this woman's "castle of doom" and her misuse of public funds for her own aggrandizement. All those flights back and forth for example.

Meanwhile back home in Connecticut, Chris Murphy's tv ad was interesting. He refused to mention he was a Democrat and that he was willing to work with Republicans. In fact, the volume on the dialogue was muted until the word "Republican" was spoken - that was twice as loud. Mr. Murphy seems a bit confused as to his party affiliation.

On a completely subjective and snarky note, Richard Blumenthal's tv pitch where he stands by Long Island Sound with one of the most forced grins ever and promises to raise our energy bills - did he get a skin graft from Chris Dodd?

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