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April 03, 2007

Some Much-Needed Perspective on Brit Hostage Situation

Tim Wilson, writing for Family Security Matters, chimes in on how he thinks the British sailors and Marines got into this mess, and why it's dragged on as long as it has. Here's his opener:

The current hostage crisis in Iran is showing the problems of weak leadership at a time when strength is needed. Prime Minister Tony Blair may have been committed to Iraq, but his failure to respond robustly to this latest outrage shows clearly he is no Churchill or Thatcher. His popularity in the USA is not matched at home and amongst the UK military he was not well regarded before this latest challenge. As a result he is more worried about petty politics than the damage done to Western credibility by the success of this latest Iranian outrage.

Click here for the rest. According to Wilson's bio, "a retired British Army officer who served in a variety of command appointments on numerous operational tours during a 30 year military career," so I would think his insight carries some weight.

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