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April 18, 2007

World Doesn't Trust US To Act Responsibly

Rant alert!

Oh goody, more criticism from the world:

CHICAGO (AFP) - There is widespread global concern that the United States cannot be trusted to act responsibly in the world, according to a multinational poll released here Wednesday.

But while there is broad international frustration with how the United States conducts its foreign policy, few people around the world want the United States to completely back off its role as a global policeman, the poll found.

That probably means they still want us to send money and military when they ask us to. Kind of like how teenagers don't want their parents around, but still expect allowance to be paid on time, and for mom and dad to bail them out when they get into some kind of trouble.

You can read the results for yourself.

At this point, I would be more than happy to withdraw from every single thing that didn't affect us directly. Pull our troops out of Europe and either let them come home or put them somewhere where they're truly needed. Let Europe and the rest of the world take care of themselves. If Iran decides to threaten a European country with nukes? Let them. If Russia decides to try to take back its role as dominant power in that part of the world? Fine with me. Islamofascists want to create a new Arab state in France? Fine, let the French reap what they sow.

Oh, and if they don't trust us, then I don't think they should expect our money anymore either. I say let's cut off international aid. We could better spend that money here at home.

I'm pretty much sick of the rest of the world right now.


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Posted by Pam Meister at 08:43 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0) | International

I've linked to your remarkable and thoughtful rant. It's too good not to share.

Posted by: Gayle Miller at April 18, 2007 09:03 AM

I will agree with you 110%, think of all the money that could be saved for our country if we did not have do give these ungrateful and spiteful countries foreign aid. The USA is only good in an emergency and hated the rest of time.

Posted by: Swick Speak at April 18, 2007 09:23 AM

A most excellent "rant" - I hesitate calling it that because it is the truth. Let the U.S. pull back all its international aid and focus on ourselves for once - and see what happens next. Love us or hate us - the world needs us and expects us to be there, which we usually are.

I have always been very proud of the fact that being American isn't just being a resident of a certain place - it's a state of mind, a concept, a way of life. And part of that has always been that we were willing to reach out to others less fortunate - and that always made me proud as well. But now...I'd like to see the U.S. thumb it's nose at all of them and just call it a day.

Posted by: Kris, in New England at April 18, 2007 11:42 AM

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