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September 17, 2007

France Grows a Pair

One of those "Believe It or Not" moments:

France's foreign minister warned Sunday that the world should prepare for war if Iran obtains nuclear weapons and said European leaders were considering their own economic sanctions against the Islamic country.

Sanctions, schmanctions. You saw how much they affected Saddam Hussein...he managed to get his funds the sleazy way, via the U.N. Oil for Food program. And he didn't give two hoots for the people anyway...much as, I figure, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn't care much for the welfare of the common man. He's too busy trying to figure out how to wipe Israel off the map and how to either cripple or destroy the Great Satan.

But...we may have to abandon our "cheese eating surrender monkeys" moniker for the French. With Nicholas Sarkozy at the helm, it's a whole new ball game.

I wonder how much the Dems want to emulate the French now?

On a tip from Jeanette!

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