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October 10, 2007

From the Weird E-Mail Files

As a blogger and online columnist, my e-mail address is available for anyone to see and utilize. Sometimes I get messages from people who like what I have to say. Other times I get extremely rude missives telling me what I can do to myself. And then there are the e-mails that truly leave me scratching my head.

Like this one.

Today, I received an e-mail from someone named Charlie, who wrote the following (copied exactly from the original, with all grammatical errors intact):

This Rush for Peace Prize is a farce and wish it was laughable, but it is not. Rush is actually telling his audience that he was legitimately nominated for the NPP, yeah, by Mark Levin, who is president of Landmark of which Rush is a on the board. This really is funny until you realize that Rush is trying to pass off his nomination as legitimate. What is funny though is that of the literally thousands of people and organizations that can nominate for the Nobel, none of them nominated el Rushbo.

The Sheeple and I hate to use that term, will never learn will they.

I don't know why he's sending this to me -- he's not one of my regular correspondents. I posted about the "nomination" when Mark Levin made it...but really, does anyone take this seriously? From what I can see in the rules, Levin is not eligible to make a nomination...and even if he is, does anyone think for one minute that Rush would win? No one wins but lefties. That's a given. And this year, self-proclaimed environmental expert and sucker magnet Al Gore has it all but sewn up.

Back in February, when Levin made the "nomination," a commenter at Hot Air had this to say:

Its so great. Apparently its really infuriating lefties around the world. Olbermann named Levin the worst person in the world last night, though the specific reasoning I didnt pay attention to. Basically, they all take this idiotic award seriously, no matter how much they complain about Kissinger getting it they still want to love it again. Plus, they wanted to parade Gores nomination around for a while and now Levin has gone and spoiled it for them.

Exactly. Now, with the annoucement of the winner just around the corner, Rush is hyping it on his show, but come on people: it's a joke and he knows it. And regular listeners of Rush are definitely smart enough to know it too. (He should be happy there's no way he's in the same category as Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, Kofi Annan...all previous winners.)

Come on, Charlie...surely there are other things worthy for you to get worked up about. Rush having fun with his Peace Prize "nomination" isn't one of them.

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Rush's tongue is firmly planted in cheek during this entire episode. The fact that it's riling the Leftists is just icing on the cake!

Posted by: Wyatt Earp at October 11, 2007 12:19 PM

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