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April 16, 2009

Enemy of the State?

My latest over at American Thinker:

If you went to a tea party, you might be an enemy of the state. If you have a bumper sticker on your car that is unflattering to Obama, you might be an enemy of the state. (I find it particularly interesting that the post-racial president is now stoking the fires of racism in order to discredit his critics.) If you are concerned about the government's attempt to radically curb your Second Amendment rights - whether or not you own a gun - you might be an enemy of the state. If you want to revive the true meaning of the Tenth Amendment, you too might be an enemy of the state.

Read it all here.

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December 30, 2008

Caroline Kennedy's Fractured Fairytale

My latest at American Thinker:

To the untrained eye it seemed as though Princess Caroline was suddenly infected by a sense of power in her success in helping to create a new political dynasty, but the truth is she did it because of her humble desire to serve. In her own words: "Going into politics is something people have asked me about forever. When this opportunity came along, which was sort of unexpected, I thought, `Well, maybe now. How about now?'" What is truly amazing is that she said this not while nibbling caviar and sipping champagne, but while eating a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, washing it down with coffee. Truly, a woman of the people.

Read it all here.

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September 18, 2008

Election 2008: Hollywood Redux

My latest at AT:

Welcome to Election 2008, where Hollywood has declared "once more unto the breach." And once again, Hollywood is showing how little it has in common with the rest of America.

Before they were stars, many of today's glitterati were once part of the unfortunate, mouth-breathing, plebian masses, and continue to play them on the big screen for big bucks. But upon their induction into the moneyed, sycophantic world of big name entertainment, many of them have lost their perspective on how regular people live and think. You can't blame them, really. With millions of adoring fans worldwide, scores of dedicated "yes men" who tend to their every need, and a social circle of like-minded political travelers, it's easy to see how - in their minds - they have transcended from "average Joe" to "enlightened being." It's good to be the king.

Read it all here.

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February 26, 2008

Don't Expect Hollywood to Learn from Academy Awards Broadcast Bomb

My latest op-ed over at American Thinker:

Perhaps another reason for viewer ennui is the fact that Hollywood has also been pumping out a rash of anti-Iraq, anti-American films of late, including Redacted, Lions for Lambs, and In the Valley of Elah - all of which were box office disasters. But like the Little Engine that Could, the glitterati keep chugging along. After all, we, the hoi polloi, just don't understand fine cinema the way they do. Kind of like how we don't understand other artistic endeavors like smearing chocolate all over one's nude body onstage or smearing feces on the Madonna. (No, not that Madonna, although with her history, I wouldn't put it past her.)

The whole thing is here.

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January 11, 2008

Female Voters Give Themselves a Bad Name

My take on women responding to Hillary's tears over at American Thinker:

Then she nearly cried in New Hampshire, and the momentary metamorphous from cackling shrew to slumber party confidante was played over and over on the networks and online. By some kind of press-induced miracle, Hillary managed to beat Obama in the primaries there by three points. That may seem like small potatoes, but the big story here is that women came to Hillary's rescue by a margin of 51%-32% among single women, and a slightly smaller margin for married women.

It's all here.

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December 11, 2007

Which Came First: The Intellectual or the Leader?

My piece over at American Thinker today:

Now obviously George Bush is not running for office again, but I use him as an example because so much emphasis has been put on the "smart" vs. the "dumb" candidate -- "dumb" being equivalent to President Bush. When you realize that an entire industry has sprung up around Bush's "inferior" intellect, with numerous books, calendars, and other items for sale that impugn his IQ (and focusing largely on his propensity for mispronouncing words like "nuclear"), he's an obvious choice for discussion. (What will these entrepreneurs do when President Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009?)

If being smart was the only qualification for being a leader, one would assume from his treatment in the media that George Bush should never have gotten near the Oval Office...

The whole thing is here.

UPDATE: I received a lot of feedback from readers, most of it positive. However, I did get an indignant e-mail from a professor at the University of Wisconsin (in the engineering department). I will not reprint his name or e-mail here, since while he was condescending, he was not outright rude, nor was his message of a threatening nature (like some others I have read of). Here is the text of his message:

I see that you have joined the ranks of easy answers and offer more spoon fed ideology to the masses. Really schools produce anti-capitalist feelings among intellectuals? I teach at the University of Wisconsin, considered liberal, and we have more CEOs amongst our graduates than Harvard; and I believe and know some of them who qualify as intellectuals--how to explain that? Those verbal skills that you say shape entitlement are rarely graded; instead merit is usually determined through extensive writing, or testing and now more often in our college through product design and competitions.
But to some extent you are right, it is the intellectuals in IT who pointed out how the last elections were manipulated by touch screen voting, and it was the intellectuals in the pentagon who pointed out we needed more troops in Iraq, and it is the intellectuals in my class who I teach to be skeptical of all claims that are going on to lead us into a new and technically rich society.

My response:

Then by your implication, George W. Bush is an intellectual because he received his MBA at Harvard. Why didn't I see that before?

You seem to have missed the entire point of my article. I can't remember the last times CEOs, IT professionals and the like, as a group, were classified as intellectuals by the "great thinkers" of our time. That's not to say they are incapable of intelligent thought -- quite the contrary! Yet these thinkers, as you describe them, put a higher value on the end result than the "intellectual process." This is what distinguishes them from those who consider themselves to be intellectuals, i.e. philosphers, lecturers, and so on.

I do not mean to imply that there is no place for intellectuals in society. They provide a much-needed perspective on many things. I merely point out that "book smarts" alone do not necessarily make a great leader.

Thanks for writing.

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December 01, 2007

When Adults Regress: A Story of Childish Revenge

My commentary on a very sad case over at American Thinker today:

Like many girls that age, Megan ended a friendship with a girl who lived just four houses away from her. This is not unusual. During the teenage years, friendships often come and go. I remember being "best friends" with a girl during eighth grade, only to find in ninth grade that I had been replaced by someone else. I was hurt at the time but got over it, as most girls do.

But according to accounts in the St. Charles Journal and the New York Times, the mother of the former friend, Lori Drew, decided to "mess with Megan."

Read the rest here.

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October 05, 2007

Canada's Border Officials Go By the Book

My piece over at American Thinker today.

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May 09, 2007

The Danger from Within

My views on the Fort Dix plot over at American Thinker.

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February 24, 2007

A is for Arrogance, B is for Baloney

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of everyone blaming American "arrogance" for all the world's ills, and I talk about it over at the American Thinker today.

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