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January 31, 2006

Blogs for Heather: Patricia Madrid Calls for Troops' Return by Year's End

Patricia Madrid, the Democrat who is running against Republican Heather Wilson for her Congressional seat in New Mexico, has some interesting ideas. From her website:

Responsible Action in Iraq. We must investigate the intelligence that led to the war in Iraq and press the Administration for straight, honest answers on the current state of our operations in Iraq. We must also establish a definite, clear timeline for troop withdrawal that begins bringing our men and women serving in Iraq home by December 2006.

Either Madrid is a military expert who knows something the Pentagon doesn't, or she's a cut-and-run appeaser of the looney left. (I'll bet on the latter.)

Real National Security. The 9/11 Commission recently gave Congress a failing grade on protecting America from another terrorist attack. This is completely unacceptable. We absolutely must protect our borders, our ports, and our nuclear and chemical plants. We must protect both American lives and the American way of life, and again show other nations that we can promote our democratic ideals without betraying our principles. Together, we can reclaim America's leadership role in the world.

Reclaim America's leadership role? I thought Democrats didn't like America being a leader, and want us to blend in with the Eurotrash. "[Again]...show other nations that we can promote our democratic ideals without betraying our principles." Gosh, that sounds great, but how does she propose we do it? Lots of feel-good talk and no solutions.

A tax system that rewards work, not wealth. Tax cuts for corporations and the very wealthy at the expense of working people and the middle class do not benefit this country. The tax system must be changed to ease the burden on the middle class and small businesses and ensure that large corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share.

It's been proven time and again that the wealthy pay their share and more. People on the very lowest rungs of the economic ladder pay no taxes whatsoever. Democrats also don't admit that tax cuts (for the wealthy who pay the taxes) spur economic growth by encouraging people to spend money that they otherwise may sit on. The wealthy are the ones who create jobs. Without wealth, there is no industry. Why do they not get at least some credit? (For more on who the wealthy are, read this by Thomas Sowell.)

Improving access to quality health care and prescription drugs. Too many Americans do not have health insurance, and the recently passed Medicare Plan D drug plan benefits the pharmaceutical industry, rather than our senior citizens. The plan is a failure that does not adequately provide needed services for our seniors; it is completely incomprehensible and must be scrapped. Madrid will work to change the law so that it benefits those who need it most.

Rule number one: Healthcare is not a right. Rule number two: Our framers did not intend for the government to become a nanny to the people. What happened to self-reliance that Americans are supposedly famous for?

Reform and Accountability in Our Government. The Congress and the White House have created a culture of corporate corruption and cronyism - at a real cost to the American taxpayer. Patricia Madrid will fight for real reform to loosen the grip of corporate lobbyists so that government can start tending to the business of the American people for a change.

Will she be sure to scold those Democrats who have also been recently linked to lobbyist cash?

This is the woman who wants to replace Heather Wilson as a New Mexico Congressional representative. If you are a New Mexico resident and you like what you see, good luck to you. If not, keep Heather Wilson in office.

h/t: Lucky Dawg News

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Posted by Pam Meister at 10:44 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)

I like how she wants to protect our borders.

She's the AG of New Mexico.

New Mexico gives driver's licenses to illegals, in state tuition to illegals, free health care to illegals, illegal amnesty zones, illegals in our schools.

She has never prosecuted or lifted a finger to secure the border here.

Posted by: Chris at January 31, 2006 03:59 PM
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