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September 30, 2005

Beating the Democrats is Not A Crime...Yet!

So says David Frum, as he fisks an article by E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post:

To put this into simpler terms. Suppose a corporation hired Dionne to give a speech at their next annual meeting. Dionne then turns around and gives his fee to Democratic candidates for the Texas legislature. Has any law been broken? Obviously not. The corporation does not intend to help Texas candidates: It does so only inadvertently and indirectly, as a consequence of Dionne's decisions.

That's what DeLay did, in a nutshell. But here's the kicker:

DeLay's real crime is to have rewritten the Texas congressional Democrats to beat Democrats. That's his unpardonable offense in the eyes of his accusers. [O]n that count, he is of course guilty as charged - only it so happens that beating Democrats is not a crime in this country. Not yet anyway.

File this under Sour Grapes 101.


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