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September 28, 2005

Camp Casey Ca$h

Not only has Casey Sheehan's death been used to propel his mother to martyrdom status and tons of coverage in the media, it's going to fund her as she continues spreading her "message."

By signing on with Speaking Matters LLC, Cindy Sheehan will now get paid for her appearances.

"This is a society where people make money doing what they do and I have to pay my bills, too," she told Cybercast News Service.


She said her contract with Speaking Matters, which has not yet disclosed how much a Sheehan appearance will cost, will help her "finally make some money ...'cause Casey's insurance money's going to run out pretty soon."

How much insurance did he carry, anyway? Did his father get any, or has Cindy claimed it all? The thought of living off of my child's insurance policy is revolting. If she was that concerned with his memory, perhaps a scholarship or other such fund in his name would have been more appropriate.

Of course, her followers don't seem to have a problem with this. This comment jumped out at me in particular:

Andrea's friend, Megan Hanford, said it makes sense that Sheehan would start charging for appearances. "She can't work while she's traveling the country," Hanford said, "and she's lost any income that her son might have brought her."

Does this Megan think that, had Casey lived, he would have supported his mother? What would she be doing if he were alive and well right now? Certainly not touring the country and making money doing it.

Get this one:

University of Maryland English professor Marilee Lindemann said she fully supports Sheehan making money from her speaking engagements. "She's given extraordinarily of herself, of her time," she said, "and I will point out that she sacrificed her child in service to this country."

Think about it: these anti-war, anti-American sentiments of Cindy's didn't sprout from nothing. They were there all the time. So, do you think if she had anything to say about it, Casey would have enlisted in the military not once, but twice? He made the decision as an adult. Yes, Cindy Sheehan lost her child (as did many other parents, including her estranged husband, who aren't seeking the limelight). But she did not sacrifice him. He made a choice, a choice he was willing to die for. And now, his mother is capitalizing on it.

Why is it different for Halliburton to make money as a result of this war than for Cindy to make money as a result of this war?


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