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September 26, 2005

Muslims Urging Congress to Pass Ramadan Resolution

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is urging Congress to issue a resolution regarding the beginning of Ramadan, which begins next week.

The resolution they want Congress to adopt reads (emphases mine):

"(1) during this time of conflict, in order to demonstrate solidarity with and support for members of the community of Islam in the United States and throughout the world, the House of Representatives recognizes the Islamic faith as one of the great religions of the world; and

"(2) in observance of and out of respect for the commencement of Ramadan...the House of Representatives acknowledges the onset of Ramadan and expresses its deepest respect to Muslims in the United States and throughout the world on this significant occasion."

Wonder how they'd feel if Congress were being urged to make such a resolution regarding Christianity or Judaism? No doubt they'd be shouting about the division of state and church. And check this next bit out:

CAIR said it is asking mosques and Islamic centers nationwide to host a "Sharing Ramadan" Iftar, or fast-breaking meal, to enhance understanding of Islam and to encourage Americans of all faiths meet their Muslims neighbors.

I wonder if CAIR would encourage Muslims to attend similar events if they were hosted by Christians and Jews in order for Muslims to meet their neighbors of other faiths?

Sorry, hell hasn't frozen over yet.

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