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September 25, 2005

Same Picture, Same Message, Same Crap: Different Year

Michelle Malkin braved the "blame America first" crowd during yesterday's anti-war (or as I like to call it, anti-American) rally in Washington D.C. She took lots of photos that she posted on her Flickr.com site.

It seems the "peace" crowd doesn't know how to update its message. They're depending on what they consider to be "tried and true" tactics to scare the rest of us into falling into line. Take the following examples:

  • This picture is one that Michelle took at yesterday's gathering.
  • This picture is one that was printed in my husband's 1982 high school yearbook (I've included the caption) in its end-of-year recap of world events
Isn't the "progressive" crowd supposed to be artistic and creative?

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