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September 19, 2005

Jobless Numbers MUST be Skewed!

Seriously, when people have time to do things like this, you have to wonder if they are gainfully employed:

People in polar bear suits will be among those gathering in Washington on Tuesday to protest the Bush administration's plan to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Congress is about to vote on a bill that might open the Alaskan refuge to oil drilling, and the Tuesday's protest, organized by a coalition of environmental groups, is aimed at pressuring lawmakers to oppose the plan.

Robert Kennedy, Jr., is one of the featured speakers at the event, which will take place outside the U.S. Capitol.A press release said "busloads of citizen lobbyists from across the U.S. and Canada" plan to join the protest, which will include a drum procession by Native Americans and "large crowds of citizens with signs."

Of course, Kennedy can afford to head down for a day or two. But I always wonder about the others...

Not to mention all of the GASOLINE that will be used up in this endeavor. Those buses sure use up a lot of fuel. Fuel that they don't want us to pump from ANWR, but they don't mind wasting in order to protest.

File this under DUH!

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