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September 13, 2005

Al Gore: A Little Help For His Friends???

Al Gore looked in his crystal ball and had this to say about the Bush administration and Katrina:

ÒWhat happened was not only knowable, it was known in advance, in great and painstaking detail, said Gore. ÔThey (the Bush administration) did tabletop planning exercises. They identified exactly what the scientific evidence showed what would take place.Ó

It's too bad Gore isn't in the White House. He surely could have stopped everything in its tracks.

The article on Canada Free Press (where this quote is mentioned) has some interesting information, however, about the possibility of insurance fraud in connection wiht Katrina:

Then thereÕs the French connection in Louisiana. According to census reports, of the 668,271 Acadian/ Cajuns living in the United States, 61 percent are Louisiana residents, making the 262,000 French speakers in the state the largest in the U.S.A.

Organizations such as La Francophonie, which claims to represent the French-speaking nations of the world and the French American Foundation (FAF) are active in the state.
Founded in 1976, FAF is Òthe only organization dedicated specifically and solely to strengthening the bilateral relationship across the full range of French American relationsÓ.

Guess who shares FAF membership with Groupe AXA, among the worldÕs largest insurance giants and BNP Paribas, the bank at the heart of the UN oil-for-food scandal? (*See full FAF membership list at end of story).

Al GoreÕs friends Bill and Hillary Clinton, thatÕs who.

I'll bet you won't read about that in Time, Newsweek or the New York Times. Click here to read the whole article.

It may all be innocent. However, people are already screaming about Haliburton, rebuilding in Louisiana, and the Bush/Cheney connection to Haliburton...not to mention how Bush "wants black people to die" and other such nonsense. The mere fact that the Clintons are connected to this situation and nothing much is being said about it speaks volumes.

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