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September 09, 2005

Kanye Be? They Don't Agree

Kanye West faced some public backlash regarding his recent outburst accusing President Bush of not caring about black people.

His appearance on last night's NFL kickoff show prompted loud boos from the crowd that lasted for most of his performance.

Like most celebrities with a reality meter the size of a gnat, West remains undaunted. On the Ellen DeGeneres show today, he continued his tirade, saying Bush and other politicians pushed the possibility of hurricane disaster, as well as the poverty of blacks in New Orleans, "under the kitchen sink."

And, like most celebrities, he figures that throwing wads of government cash at a problem will make it go away. (The publicity garnered from his Bush-bashing sure doesn't hurt, either. It's the gift that keeps on giving!)

West's biggest worry to date has been his music:

"ItÕs hard when people are depending on you to have an album thatÕs not just good, but inspired," continues West. "I mean, my music isnÕt just music Ð itÕs medicine. I want my songs to touch people, to give them what they need. Every time I make an album, IÕm trying to make a cure for cancer, musically. That stresses me out!"

An opiate for the masses. Pass the Mylanta.

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