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September 07, 2005

Republicans Want Black People to Die

That sad thought seems to be what many are thinking in the wake of Katrina. John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has some thoughts on the subject:

How come no one is asking if Democrats want black people to die?

Of course they don't either, but look at New Orleans, which is a city run by Democrats from top to bottom, in a state which has been run by Democrats from top to bottom to bottom, and you'll see a picture of total incompetence emerge. We see poor black Americans, without cars, who were openly told ""you'll be on your own"" if there's a storm. Then the police stood by while thugs and criminals victimized these people. 40,000 mostly black Americans were shoved into the Superdome after the hurricane and the local government in New Orleans didn't even have food, water, cots, or medicine for them. It's the worst performance by a local government after in a natural disaster in modern memory and the most of the Americans who were adversely [a]ffected by it were black.

Read it all here.

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