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September 03, 2005

Check Out This Headline!

Camille Paglia has written an interesting op-ed piece in the Independent (UK) regarding the aftermath of Katrina. Here is the headline the Independent used:

Camille Paglia: Hurricane Katrina has demolished this administration's mask of confidence

Indeed, this is a line from the piece. However, I find it interesting that they chose to use this rather than a line that actually reflects the majority of the piece's theme. Here's what I think is a more accurate headline:

Camille Paglia: [T]o ask for powers of scientific or sociological analysis from the preening parrots currently infesting American media is a pointless exercise

Or this:

Camille Paglia: Hurricane Katrina is simply the latest chapter in the epic of American nature. It is a subject that Europeans rarely show understanding of in their often dismissive comments on US culture

All of these are lines from the piece. Go ahead and read it. I guess it's no surprise which way the wind blows over at the Independent.

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