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August 31, 2005

German Takes on Katrina

Leave it to the Germans to take up the "global warming" mantra as the American Southeast recovers from the effects of Katrina.

Of course it's all Bush's fault, according to the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. And while the paper Die Tageszeitung doesn't blame Bush explicitly, it blames politicians in general for the increase in global warming. Other papers have similar themes about "global warming" and the need to pay attention to vulnerable areas around the world.

Only one paper, Die Welt, blames nature:

"...hurricanes are a natural phenomenon. They occurred long before humans could be affected by them. Whether the frequency and intensity of these storms has truly increased in recent years has not yet been proven with statistics."

It then goes on to praise the modern technology that gave the warning so that thousands could evacuate before the storm hit.

Where's the outpouring of sympathy for Americans in this latest natural disaster? No one cares. I don't see Kofi Anaan jumping to send in the U. N. All we get is the blame for something nature dumped on us. As usual, we're expected to help when other countries face calamity...but the world falls silent when it happens to us.

*I haven't been posting about Katrina for the simple reason that others, like Michelle Malkin, are doing a much better job of it than I could in my limited time. My prayers are with the people of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi who are facing homelessness, power outages, flood conditions and the rest. Keep your eyes on Mean Ol' Meany in the next day or two...Two Dogs managed to escape without major damage, but he will be posting pictures from his town of Jackson, Mississippi soon. Wish him luck--he has to consume about 38 gallons of ice cream!*

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