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August 29, 2005

My Letter to the Editor--Part II

Last week, I asked for your critiques on a letter I was planning on sending to my local weekly paper regarding a local "peace protest" at our town hall.

I took the advice of those who said it was too long and chopped it down a bit. Then, I typed it in the paper's website and hit send, with a few misgivings (my husband was convinced we'd have protesters in front of our house, seeing as letter writers' full name and address are printed).

Well no protesters have yet materialized, but there were two other letters in the same paper expressing similar sentiments, AND I had an interesting experience at church: during the giving of the peace, someone made a point of crossing the aisle to shake my hand and tell me I had written a "great letter."

Not to mention, Gary from Ex-Donkey Blog e-mailed me to tell me he liked it too, but to beware of people who might find my e-mail address and haunt me, as he was haunted when he wrote a letter supporting a contractor for a local project!

I'm in a rush to leave for work in five minutes, but later today I'll update this post with what I actually sent to the paper. Next week, of course, I'll let you know if anyone wrote to refute what I and the other letter-writers said.

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