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August 26, 2005

It's Great to be an Illegal in Wisconsin

If you think illegals in Herndon, VA have it good, you should see what they get in Wisconsin:

The first-in-the-nation program, run by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority , is helping to make getting a first mortgage easier Ñfor illegal immigrants.


"We are not the immigration police. In fact, the IRS won't even allow us to inquire about the status of people who have I-TIN numbers," said WHEDA Executive Director Antonio Riley.


[State Rep. Pedro] Colon [D] said that if neighborhoods like his largely Hispanic South Milwaukee district are to succeed, home ownership is vital. He also blasts federal lawmakers for leaving illegal aliens in a "no-man's land" in which they are able to pay federal taxes but unable to get permanent residency.

"The U.S. Congress is the laziest place in politics today," Colon said. "[It] doesn't give us the luxury of sitting around and watching our communities fail."

It behooves me to remind Mr. Colon and the rest of the state legislators in Wisconsin that these people are illegal aliens. That means they aren't supposed to be here. That means they have no rights that citizens have. While I agree that the federal government is falling down on this issue, that doesn't mean state governments should be handing out the kind of goodies that bring illegals to this country in the first place--freebies and a blind eye to the law.

If you live in Wisconsin, you should contact your state representative regarding this outrageous policy.

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