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August 22, 2005

Confessions of a Hollywood Republican

Robert J. Avrech is a Jewish screenwriter in Hollywood who grew up as a Democrat in Brooklyn. But something odd happened:

But as I grew older and watched the Democratic party turn into an alien entity run by vulgar race hustlers and anti-Semites cloaked as "mere" anti-Zionists - an alien entity that increasingly refused to confront, much less despise, communism - I realized that this was no longer the party that reflected my national or my Jewish aspirations.

It was after the Carter administration that he went Republican and didn't turn back.

He discusses the anti-American wave that has swept Hollywood in the last 20-30 years:

It is, I kid you not, a badge of honor in Hollywood to hate America. These airheads who have amassed millions through the free market economy constantly spout nonsense about the need for a Scandinavian style socialist government. They don't even know that the Scandinavian countries are economic basket cases. I'm not making this up. They actually cruise Sunset Strip in their Bentleys and accuse Republicans of being greedy.

Ah, the old double-standard. Hollywood has made it into an art form.

The entire article is a must-read, as Avrech gives us two examples of scripts he was working on that didn't meet the "standards" of the producers: one about the war on terror and one about Rush Limbaugh (who is not directly named but it's obvious). Of course, you can imagine what those standards are and what the outcome of his involvement was.

These Hollywood liberals spend their lives negotiating. They believe that when the time comes they will sit down with Osama bin Laden and cut a deal. Imagine how surprised they'll be when the cold blade hits their necks. Imagine their shock when they realize there is no negotiating with barbarians; that Osama makes no distinctions between Democrats and Republicans, between observant Jew and Buddhist chanting Jew. I hope it never comes to that, but imagine such a story line. Actually, it would make a pretty good movie. I should try and pitch it.

All I can say is, I hope Avrech has a large savings account upon which he can draw upon. If the powers that be in Hollywood see this article, he is probably done for. Yet, I admire his courage, and hope that my prediction is wrong.

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