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July 23, 2005

Moby: Trying to Stay Relevant (and failing)

Blogging can be fun for the blogger and informative for the readers.

In the case of Moby's blog, he may be having fun, but his readers aren't. Take this excerpt, written while he is in Australia:

how ironic...i'm in australia and john howard(aussie pm) is in the u.s. maybe we should trade responsibilities? john howard(we have a similar hairline) could play some old rave classics ('go', 'thousand', 'next is the e', etc) and i could give my honest opinion on the war in iraq(a tragically sad, hubris inspired invasion that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths purely in the interest of acquiring the worlds 2nd largest oil reserves). i wonder if john howard and gw bush will kiss slowly and softly or with the ardent passion of long seperated lovers? i vote for the latter, to be honest with you.
Ugh. What is the left's fascination with insulting conservatives by accusing them of being homosexual, yet they claim that we are the homophobes? Houston, we have a problem.

Does anyone still listen to Moby's music? Does anyone still care about his opinion? Celebrities (and I use the word with tongue in cheek here) like Moby harp and whine about our "greed" for oil, but how did he get all the way to Australia? By schooner or windjammer?

Just shut up and play your "rave classics," if they truly exist.

Via Marathon Pundit.

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