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July 21, 2005

NY Liberals Whine About New Search Policy

Oh for Pete's sake. In reaction to the NYPD's announcement today (a version of which I heard on my MetroNorth train on the way home) regarding the start of random bag searches in and around NY public transportation areas, some Leftwingers are showing their paranoia by wearing t-shirts that say "I do not consent to being searched."

If someone refuses to allow a search, then they won't be allowed on the train, bus or subway car. I say tough.

Listen, these are the people who point the finger of blame without compunction when something disastrous happens. "We aren't being protected! Why didn't the government do something to prevent this?" After all, aren't the Lefties screaming that 9/11 is all Bush's fault, even though evidence points to the likelihood that if Clinton had been more forceful in dealing with incidents such as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the bombing of the USS Cole and other "minor" terrorist acts, such acts might have been nipped in the bud?

Of course, there is the ever present worry that racial profiling might take place during these random searches. Being that all of the terrorist bombings (both here and abroad) have been proven to have been perpetrated by Muslims of Middle Eastern descent (usually young men, but a few women have been involved), wouldn't it make sense to focus on them? But hurt feelings are a lot more important than the safety of thousands, possibly millions of people.

In any case, if I am asked to surrender my bag for a random search, you bet I'm going to comply. Like it or not, the police and military are here to protect us--even those ingrates who don't appreciate the fact that these men (and women) in uniform are prepared to die for the rest of us.

I hope those who don't want to be searched have good walking shoes.

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