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July 17, 2005

Republicans are Murderers

*This post originally appeared on Lifelike Pundits.*

Yep, Republicans are murderers, if you believe ex-Clinton aide Paul Begala. At the first ever Campus Progress National Student Conference (otherwise known as the Leftwing Youth Indoctrination Conference), Begala took part in a panel entitled "Winning the War of Ideas."

Begala's presence on the panel created a stir when he declared that Republicans had "done a p***-poor job of defending" the U.S.

Republicans, he said, "want to kill us."

"I was driving past the Pentagon when that plane hit" on Sept. 11, 2001. "I had friends on that plane; this is deadly serious to me," Begala said.

"They want to kill me and my children if they can. But if they just kill me and not my children, they want my children to be comforted -- that while they didn't protect me because they cut my taxes, my children won't have to pay any money on the money they inherit," Begala said. "That is bulls*** national defense, and we should say that."

If calling Republicans the equivalent of murderers is part of winning the war on ideas, then it's no wonder the Democrats are on the losing side. As usual, they have no compunction about saying truly vile things regarding their political opponents. This goes past rhetoric. This is truly irresponsible and without any kind of merit whatsoever. I can hear Chuckie Schumer and Harry Reid screaming for the resignation of any Republican who dared to make a similar comment...but as usual, the Democrats sit by and snicker behind their hands when morons like Begala and Dean make the kind of comments they'd all like to make themselves.

When politicians start pulling from the latrine for their public commentary, it's just a hop, skip and jump away from getting their actions from the same rank location.

The Democrats have finally declared moral bankruptcy

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