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July 15, 2005

Illegal Immigration Follies: Another Obnoxious Example

My friend Jeanette sent this to me:

Every other week for at least 10 months, a Lakewood [New Jersey] woman filled two passenger vans with illegal Hispanic immigrants and made the 11-hour drive from New Jersey to Knoxville, Tenn.

For the immigrants, the payoff was a document that has become tough to get in New Jersey for those without U.S. citizenship -- a valid driver's license. For the woman, federal authorities say, the payoff was the thousands of dollars she charged them for her assistance.

Zeneida C. Rivera, 55, was arrested earlier this week and charged with conspiracy to obtain illegal documents (she provided her ÒclientsÓ with fake birth records in order to obtain the licenses), and faces 15 years in jail and a fine of $250,000.

Other than the fact that this unscrupulous woman blatantly broke the law by helping these people to get their driverÕs licenses illegally, what is worse is that we are still talking about illegal immigrants in this country.

All countries have immigration laws, including the United States, yet for some reason people think American immigration law is meant to be broken.

Check out this comment:

"It's a survival matter," said Mahonrry Hidalgo, the chairman of the Immigration Committee for the Latin Leadership Alliance, an advocacy group. "People need to drive to get to work. This is something that has to be addressed at all levels in New Jersey. I hope the state understands the need for this workforce to have drivers' licenses."

He also lamented the fact that some unscrupulous individuals are profiting off of this Òdisgraceful situation.Ó

IÕm sorry, Mr. Hidalgo, but the disgraceful situation isnÕt illegalsÕ lack of driverÕs licenses, but the fact that they are here illegally! They shouldnÕt be working here, their children shouldnÕt be attending school here, and they shouldnÕt be receiving welfare, Medicaid, or any other benefits that legal citizens and taxpayers are footing the bill for.

Not to mention the fact that the two states that allow non-citizens (not counting those here legally with permanent status) to obtain these licenses, Tennessee and Utah, are extending an engraved invitation to terrorists who want to establish Òlegitimacy.Ó

I support President Bush, but I donÕt support his illegal immigration policyÉor rather, the lack of a policy. No, poor Mexicans who sneak over the border arenÕt likely to blow up large buildings and the people in them. They want a better way of life and I sympathize. But we have our laws for a reason. Our social structure and yes, our safety, depend on the enforcement of those laws.

ItÕs time Bush and the other politicians from both parties figured this out.

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