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June 28, 2005

What's Really Going On In Gitmo?

Plenty...and it's not what the Left and the MSM would have you believe.

Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu, writing for Front Page Magazine, visited Gitmo and saw firsthand how the detainees are treated. Even more importantly, he saw how the detainees treat the soldiers in charge of watching them.

Many of the orange jumpsuit-clad detainees fight their captors at every opportunity, openly bragging of their desire to kill Americans. One has promised that, if released, he would find MPs in their homes through the internet, break into their houses at night, and Òcut the throats of them and their families like sheep.Ó
Isn't that cozy? How about this one:
As I mentioned in yesterday's column, many of the most dangerous inmates regularly attack the guards, pelting them with feces, urine, semen, and spittle, not to mention the constant threats they make against the guards' families. Even this terrorist, casually munching on donut after donut, says he would happily kill every American he could get his hands on: military or civilian; man, woman or child. The woman in charge of behavioral analysis at Gitmo -- a dedicated Ph.D. who has two years of experience with these people and has just extended her stay -- added, 'This man is proud of what the did, the people he killed, the targets he attacked, the plans he made, and the money he raised for al-Qaeda. He met with Osama bin Laden frequently. He tells us these things as a proud jihadist fighter."
And we worry about what torture the soldiers inflict?

Cucullu, of the Green Berets, has written two columns about his trip for Front Page. Read them here and here. Oh, and let me know what you think about the donuts.

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