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June 14, 2005

Nation of Islam and Sensitivity Don't Go Together

Since the security officer for Louis Farrakhan has been hired to provide sensitivity training to the police force in New Orleans (NOPD):

Captain Dennis Muhammad has conducted sensitivity training in other cities such as Buffalo and will be paid $15,000 for his services, which NOPD Chief Eddie Compass says are needed in New Orleans. Compass says there are people in New Orleans who have complained about police treatment and are Òanti police.Ó Compass believes that the Òmembers of the Nation of Islam have some type of relationship with these people.Ó

However, as Jeff Crouere reminds us, the Nation of Islam isn't exactly the group to turn to when you're looking for sensitivity toward the public at large. The following statements have been attributed to Farrakhan and other Nation of Islam members:

  • Whites are Òblue eyed devils.Ó
  • Jews are ÒbloodsuckersÓ
  • "Hitler was a very great man."
  • Jews controlled the slave trade and currently control the government
  • Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad believed that whites were created by an evil Black scientist and that there will be "The Great Decisive Battle in the Sky" when a space ship will kill all white people by bombing the earth
  • Muhammad believed that white people should relocate to Europe and that racial integration was wrong

So much for tolerance from the "religion of peace".

UPDATE: Thanks to Two Dogs for catching a typo...I have changed "space whip" to "space ship." Will my dream editing job go down the tubes? Stay tuned...

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