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March 30, 2005

National Healthcare Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be

A national health care plan touted by the Clinton administration (dubbed Hillarycare) didn't pass muster in the1990s, but there are many out there who still think it's a great idea.

It isn't!

John C. Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis has co-authored a book on the subject, from which he has created a stand-alone paper...which you can find here.

Among the myths Goodman takes on are:

In countries with national health insurance systems, people have a right to healthcare.


Countries with national health insurance create equal access to health care.

No one's saying the American system is perfect. But after reading Goodman's paper, you'll be glad you live here instead of Canada, Britain, or any other country that supplies "free" healthcare.

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