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March 26, 2005

Making Good Sense in Egypt...

LOL...Roger L. Simon links to a post on an Egyptian blog called Big Pharaoh, and boy, is it a hoot!

Big Pharaoh takes on multiculturalism in Britain, citing a recent ruling that allows a Muslim girl to wear a jiljab, which is a head-to-toe gown that is one step away from a burqha. Apparently, it doesn't match up with the school's uniform code.

Discussing his recent "conversion" to Nudadism, where he should be allowed to go to school in the buff because to make him get dressed would be a violation of his rights, Pharaoh then comes out with this:

OK. Let us talk serious now. If the school rules set a specific uniform then the Muslim veil must go, the Jewish head cap must go, the Sikh turban must go. If that's not possible, then the Muslim girl must enroll in a school back in Pakistan, the Jewish boy can join a yeshiva in Jerusalem, and the Sikh can return back to India. It is as simple as that.
To all my European friends, your beautiful culture and history are being eroded by this lie that is called "multiculturalism" while you are standing idly like an iceman in a desert. You cannot please everyone. First it was the head veil, then it is the jilbab, in the future it will be the Taliban Burqa (not to mention my nudism!!). Ohhhh, Praise Nudenus!

I think I'll be checking back with Pharaoh on a regular basis...common sense and a sense of humor...I like it!

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