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January 20, 2006

MY Son Couldn't Have Done That

Taliban Johnny's father has finally broken his silence and is begging President Bush to reduce the 20-year sentence imposed on him.

"In simple terms, this is the story of a decent and honorable young man embarked on a spiritual quest," said Frank Lindh, swallowing back tears at times during a speech at the Commonwealth Club, a nonprofit organization.

A spiritual quest? Maybe. But it was a spiritual quest that went bad. Had John Walker Lindh been a little more vigilant in his studies of Islam before he headed over to Afghanistan, perhaps he wouldn't be sitting in a jail cell right now.

Most spiritual quests involve becoming spiritual, not joining an army. If he wanted spiritualism, he could have become a devotee of Kabbalah like Madonna and Britney Spears. After all, the worst thing to come out of that is pricey water and bracelets.

Lindh claimed he loves America and would never do anything against his country. However, the judge at his sentencing made an interesting observation.

[U.S. District Judge T.S.] Ellis also noted that Walker Lindh volunteered to join the Taliban fighters, then couldn't leave because he feared for his own life after the United States entered the war in Afghanistan, but he did nothing to warn the United States about future al Qaeda terror attacks planned after September 11.

"You were willing to give your life for the Taliban but not for your country," he said.

Frank Lindh is trying to protect his son, and that is a natural thing. However, his son was an adult when he made his choices, no matter how stupid or misguided. And when we make bad choices in life, we have to suffer the consequences. He was a part of the Taliban when the U.S. declared war on them and now he's in prison for the part he played in that debacle.

See you in 2022.

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