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January 23, 2006

Talkin' 'bout a Revolution

The bloodless kind.

While columnist Kathleen Parker may bemoan the blog explosion in the US, it's a sign of (better) times in Wahabbi-controlled Saudi Arabia. It seems that along with men, women are electronically shedding the burqa and reveling in the freedom the Internet provides.

Men and women blogging together, of course, represents a total flouting of Saudi rules mandating sex segregation. And there can be no turning back. Saudi authorities cannot confiscate all the computers, Blackberrys, and cell phones in the kingdom. Nor can they forbid the use of the English language.

Some women are quite bold in their blogging entries. One blogger, Farooha, discusses many of the challenges that women face in Saudi Arabia, and some of the less savory aspects of fundamentalist Islam.

The same article condemns Saudi-Wahhabi incitement to rape non-Wahhabi women: "Imagine that women in the 21st century follow fatwas of scholars who at one point start to discuss the viability of capturing the enemy's women, and then having sexual relations with them. Some even go on to discuss the capturing of this enemy's women at time of peace, as well; and all the while, you do not even know who the enemy in question is."

Discussions like this could never take place in the open, especially by women. But the blogsphere is providing a forum for people to stand up and be heard, albeit anonymously.

The MSM elite in this country dislike the blogosphere because they fear the masses are wresting control of popular opinion away from them. In countries like Saudi Arabia, the stakes are much higher, as an entire way of life is at stake.

The ruling Wahabbists in Saudi Arabia may well be fearing their grip on power. Thanks to modern technology, there's no telling how long they'll stay on top.

h/t: GD

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