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January 31, 2006

SF Quake: The Upcoming Anniversary

Joe at Geosciblog points out that April 18th will mark the 100th anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake.

He also ponders what would happen if a major quake were to strike Frisco while George W. Bush is still in office:

Al Gore would take to his pulpit and bellow that President Bush's refusal to sign the Kyoto Treaty for causing rising sea level that put more pressure on geologic plates.

John Kerry would seek information on the possibility of impeachable offenses by President Bush for not evacuating people before the earthquake.

Louis Farrakhan and Spike Lee would claim that the government had planted explosives along the San Andreas Fault Zone, to trigger an earthquake that would target blacks and minorities in San Francisco. And Michael Moore would make a movie about it.

Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell would blame the San Francisco gay culture and other assorted sinners for drawing God's wrath.

Harry Reid and Nightline, et al, would claim that too much money was being spent in Iraq.

Hillary would pillory the US Geological Survey for "sitting on" seismograms that might have warned the public. Except that I noticed the acting USGS director's name is P. Patrick Leahy. Is he related to "Leaky Leahy"? If so, that might protect him from direct criticism.

The mayor and city council of San Francisco would claim that too many National Guardsmen were in Iraq, while passing resolutions that would ban military personnel from wearing their uniforms and carrying firearms while conducting rescue and recovery operations.

The ACLU and GLAAD would complain and file lawsuits over the wearing of latex gloves and protective masks during rescue and recovery operations.

Hollywood would put together a telethon and Kanye West would say that President Bush sent troops to San Francisco to shoot black people and gays, while ignoring the looting.

And FEMA would be blamed for not being ready for the earthquake.

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