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July 05, 2006

The Grass Is Greener for Leftwing Bloggers

Check out this post by Riehl World View on the copious amounts of money floating around on the left side of the blogosphere. It seems as though some bloggers are motiviated not just by their convictions, but by their bank accounts.

I have no problem with bloggers accepting funds from political parties or candidates as long as they disclose this information.

It's when they don't disclose that things become sticky, even when alleged wrongdoing is not clear. (Remember the Armstrong Williams flap?)

For the record, I do not accept money from anyone with regard to this blog. My posts reflect my opinion and no one else's. This is done on my time with no monetary recompense whatsoever.

The moment I begin making money from my rantings, the readers will be the first to know about it. But don't hold your breath!

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