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July 31, 2006

Don't Waste Time With UN

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is pushing for a cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon through the UN.

Condi, don't waste your breath.

The UN is good at prolonging armed conflicts, not solving them. (That and wasting the money of its member states, but that's another issue for another post.) For our administration to try to utilize the UN for something this important is a major waste of time and energy. After all, what has the UN done up until now to enforce its Resolution 1559, which called for ridding Lebanon of non-Lebanese militias (read: Hezbollah) nearly two years ago? Why has it taken Israel's defense of itself from Hezbollah's airborne missiles for us to suddenly remember the UN's lame resolution?

Instead, we should be looking into other options: such as beating Hezbollah into the dust.

Today, the rest of the world is shocked in the wake of an Israeli bomb killing an estimated 50 Lebanese civilians, mostly women and children. This is indeed tragic, and the Israelis have promised a 48-hour reprieve on its airstrikes.

However, the bigger tragedy here is that Hezbollah is hiding behind civilians to wage its war against Israel. Of course Israel is going to aim at the area that the rockets came from. Hezbollah arrives at a location, shoots its rockets and leaves -- leaving innocent people to pay the price for their tactics.

Don't believe me? Check this out. And even worse, Hezbollah is using the victims it creates as fodder for ire against Israel. Absolutely revolting.

The world should be helping Israel to eradicate the menace that is Hezbollah, which is likely being bankrolled by Iran. And while our eyes are focused on the Israel-Lebanon conflict, Iran continues to plot, plan, and work on its nuclear capabilities.

The rest of the world (a world not being rained upon by airborne rockets, I might add) is clamoring for a cease-fire. Remember, though, that a cease-fire isn't peace. Peace in the Middle East won't happen until the radical Islamists are eradicated. Until the rest of the world figures this out and hops on board with Israel, we can look forward to much more of the same for a long time to come.

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