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August 14, 2006

Bush Hatred Continues Unabated...

From Cindy Adam's column in the NY Post (link times out tonight) (h/t Kitty):

AFTER this attempt at airlines terrorism out of Britain, one anti-war Dem com mented: "Hoping to kill 3,000 people at one shot? Wouldn't that have been lucky for Bush?"

Yes, President Bush is busy cursing his luck down at his Crawford ranch retreat that this disastrous deed did not take place. In fact, I'll bet he's got Tony Blair on the horn and is asking why British authorities weren't slower in their busting of the plot! Karl Rove is no doubt tearing out what's left of his hair over this latest setback in Bush's attempt to take over the world.

It's not Bush who salivates over these misfortunes, it's the rabid Left. Their obsession with him is really getting out of hand.

Get a life, please!

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