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August 21, 2006

Caption Contest 2 Winners: Lookin' For the Stash

So sorry this is late...I had trouble signing on to MuNu over the weekend. Here are the winners of last week's contest. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Airport security search AP Photo, Nick Ut, Pool

Honorable Mention

Suit-"That's headache powder"!
desert camo-"Yeah and I'm a proctologist".
forest camo-"We have a winner"!

Well technically since you're trying to smuggle nose hair clippers on board, I'm allowed to give you a body cavity search.
Rodney Dill

Mr. Daschle, if you call me "boy" one more time, I am going to use this butane powered anal stimulator on you and your day is going to be BAD. Bad, I tell you.
Two Dogs

Best Pop Culture Reference

Sgt. Samuel Jackson checs a bag to make sure no mother f*&%in snakes get on the plane

Top 10

10. Oh dear, this weighs more than 1 gram. Please step to your left sir so that Private Sanchez may administer the cavity search.
Charles Austin

9. Inspector: Can you demonstrate how you would use this Sir?
Traveler: No, but I think you Private can.

8. "I don't care if you are Bill Nye, mixing Mentos and coke in a confined space can brong down plane."
Rodney Dill

7. "We're sorry for the inconvenience sir, we've heard received intelligence about a Nazi infiltrator..."

6. You can shut up and I can search your bag, or keep whining and I'll show you what I can search with this glove. The choice is yours."
Stephen Macklin

5. Army Private: "One Swedish enlargement pump."
Businessman: "It's not mine!"
Wyatt Earp

4. Hey, mang, what's with the short curlies on the Chapstick? That's just gross!
Cowboy Blob

3. You're in luck, Mr. Smith...Captain Rodriguez has volunteered to give you a tour of our special "Deep Tissue Massage Room."

2. Sir, We are going to have to confiscate your 5lb tub of Astro Glide...

1. Sorry but I have to feel around up there. But did you know that all males 45 and over need to have regular prostate exams?
John Ruberry

Applause, applause!

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