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September 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci Dies

It took cancer to silence the woman who would not be silenced by her critics. Oriana Fallaci, the Italian journalist who penned books "The Rage and the Pride" and "The Force of Reason" (both highly critical of Muslims and Islam), died today.

A translation of the essay she wrote after the London bombings can be found here.

A lawsuit was lodged against Fallaci in Italy by disgruntled Muslim activist Adel Smith (accusing her of defaming Islam) earlier this year. In my opinion, followers of a religion who feel they must turn to the courts every time someone criticizes said religion must not have much to recommend it...much like leftism.

Fallaci refused to be cowed by Islamic fascists and their supporters, whose main goal is to silence any who would dare to go against them. We should all follow her lead.

Michelle Malkin has a wonderful tribute. Be sure to check the trackbacks on her entry for other posts about an amazing woman.

Fallaci.jpg Spoke her mind

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