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October 28, 2006

Goodbye Dixie Chicks; Hello Beccy Cole

Has anyone else had it with the Dixie Chicks and their incessant whining? Their apparent inability to distinguish between freedom of speech and freedom from criticism?

Blackfive has posted this great song by Australian singer Beccy Cole. It's Cole's answer to her fans who aren't happy with her support of the Australian soldiers (called Diggers) in the Middle East. Take a listen to Poster Girl and see if you don't prefer her brand of response to her critics to that of the whining Chicks.

Thanks to Blue Crab Boulevard for the tip. Also, check out his thoughts on how the Chicks have used their leftwing cheerleaders for their own gain.

Beccy Cole: A real class act!

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Posted by Pam Meister at 02:36 PM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0) | Celebrity

What a woman this Becky Cole is. It is so heartwarming to listen to her. Spent a lot of time with the Diggers in Vietnam. Special breed of cat. SeeBee/Semper Fi

Posted by: Dick Schulz at October 28, 2006 04:56 PM

What a wonderful gal and a great song to boot. Her country should be very proud of her. As for the Chicks, well, they can kiss my ....

Posted by: THIRDWAVEDAVE at October 29, 2006 12:24 AM

Forgot to leave my email address above. Thanks

Posted by: Dick Schulz at October 29, 2006 12:45 PM

Didn't post for some reason. Will try again. diabloc4@charter.net

Posted by: Dick Schulz at October 29, 2006 12:48 PM

    ENDORSEMENTS "Your stupid requirements for commenting, whatever they are, mean I'll not read you again." ~ "Duke Martin", Oraculations
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