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December 13, 2006

Dodd Plans Talks With Middle East Leaders

Connecticut's other senator, Chris Dodd (D), is planning a trip to the Middle East to conduct what the Hartford Courant calls "his own Middle East peace talks."

And, he's bringing John Kerry with him. The two plan to talk to leaders in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel.

The subheadline to the above linked article says, "Kerry to Join Effort in Sensitive Territory." If it's sensitivity that Dodd wants, he may want to rethink his choice of traveling partner.

Call me cynical, but I find it somewhat pretentious when two senators, both with presidential ambitions, decide to travel to a highly unstable area of the world with the hopes that perhaps they can succeed where others with more qualifications for such activities have failed.

Oh, you didn't know Chris Dodd was planning a run for president? He's very close to throwing his hat into the ring. Never mind that you may not know who he is. (But you may remember Dodd's famous "waitress sandwich" back in 1985, with Teddy Kennedy serving as the other slice of flabby white bread.)

Dodd feels his relative anonymity could be a plus in the race for the Democrats' 2008 nominee. Here's what a few people had to say earlier this year when the rumor of Dodd '08 started flying. Frankly, I wouldn't want to inflict him on the rest of the country. It's bad enough that he represents my state.

The idea that Dodd and Kerry are going to talk to leaders in Syria when the administration is reluctant to do so (and hoping to pass on messages from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice) does nothing for our nation. It shows those countries that we continue to be divided on key policy issues such as national security. All these two are doing is stroking their own egos.

Such is the sad nature of politics.

Plans to pave his way to the Oval Office

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Posted by Pam Meister at 11:04 AM | Comments (9) | TrackBack (0) | World Affairs

It is inconceivable to me that this is going on. What madness are we coming to when two Senators think it wise to meet with the enemy? Studied arrogance. This is an abomination. I won't tell you what I think ought to be done with these two. But you get the idea, I'm sure.

Radio Patriot

Posted by: Andrea & Mark - Radio Patriots at December 13, 2006 11:40 AM

John Kerry is an hold hand at this sort of thing...that's probably why Dodd is bringing him along -- to show him the ropes.

Posted by: Pam at December 13, 2006 12:18 PM

Make that "old" hand... :-)

Posted by: Pam at December 13, 2006 12:19 PM

Not only is this pretentious, it should be illegal. We elected a president and he sets foreign policy and meets with other heads of state. These two assclowns need to be kept from going over there and humiliating our country.

Posted by: reverse_vampyr at December 13, 2006 01:52 PM

Sorry, I just can't picture Dodd doin' the sammich with Lurch.

Posted by: Kitty at December 13, 2006 02:13 PM

Like I said in the reply to your email, Pam...this is probably a strategy session for the Dems and the jihadists:

1. He will ask them to keep up the good work in Iraq and that they'll need more US troop deaths to convince the American people to retreat.
2. He will want a terrorist attack in the next two years so the Democrats will be able to blame Bush and republicans in 2008.

Posted by: aaron at December 13, 2006 05:54 PM

I saw something on Dodd possibly running last month on CNN.com.

I thought there had to be some sort of error. I guess not.

Posted by: John Ruberry at December 13, 2006 10:40 PM

This letter regarding a Comprehensive Mideast Peace Plan has been sent to the following; Palestinian National Authority President, Palestinian Liberation Organization, all Israeli Knesset Members, Israel Embassy in Washington DC, President of Lebanon, Lebanon Embassy in Washington DC, US President, US Vice President, US Secretary of State, All US Senators on Foreign Relations Committee, US House Speaker, Pope Benedict XVI, UK Prime Minister, Russian President, Egypt Embassy in Washington DC, Jordan Embassy in Washington DC, Saudi Embassy in Washington DC, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Various European Union Contacts, European Union Presidency, Foreign Minister of Finland, United Nations, Brookings Institute, Nobel Peace Prize Director, Nobel Peace Prize Committee Members, Elie Wiesel Foundation, The Carter Center, The Clinton Foundation, Foundation for Middle East Peace, International Crisis Group, James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy, United States Institute of Peace, International Atomic Energy Agency, Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank, and numerous news organizations (permission granted to use this write-up).

The Quartets Road Map to Peace is doomed for failure because all parties know that the Road Map has no adequate final solution regarding the city of Jerusalem. The Quartets Road Map to Peace does not adequately address security of the Israeli nation and fails to solve the isolation and destitution of the Palestinian nation. Peace in the Middle East region will not happen until we have a resolution solving the Israeli/Palestinian dispute and resolve the internal problems in Lebanon. Peace will never take hold until all the different parties are integrated and learn to live together. Keeping these factions segregated will never result in a peaceful solution. Most likely, segregation will create hardships and increase tensions. Keeping Palestinians isolated will most likely bring about further economic hardships. For peace to take place, the three major religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity that hold Jerusalem to be their holy city need to be involved in the peace process solution. The areas of Israel, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights, and Lebanon should be incorporated as one entity known as the United Nations of Jerusalem (UNJ). The United Nations of Jerusalem will consist of three nations; The Nation of Israel (Jewish Government), The Nation of Palestine (Islamic Government of Palestinian Muslims and Lebanese Muslims), and the Nation of Lebanon (Christian Government).

The United Nations of Jerusalem will be one territory where all Jews, Muslims, and Christians have the right to live anywhere they desire. This will address the concerns of the Palestinian people regarding their right to return to their homeland from which they were exiled. The United Nations of Jerusalem will be one geographic territory occupied by three nations, where the city of Jerusalem will be the national capital of Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon. The United Nations of Jerusalem will consist of three nations that operate as one government. For any law to pass, a minimum of two of the three nations (religious governments) need to approve the legislation. Each nation will consist of a president, vice president, cabinet, and a congress. So there will be an Israeli Nation consisting of a Jewish President and a Jewish Congress, a Palestinian Nation consisting of an Islamic President and an Islamic Congress, and a Lebanese Nation consisting of a Christian President and a Christian Congress. The three nations will meet in joint session with their members present to discuss issues of importance. After the joint session, each nation will go to its own chamber to discuss and vote on the matter. For any law to pass, it takes a minimum of two of the three nations to approve the legislation.

Each nation will function in a similar manner as the United States government operates concerning the executive and legislative branches of government. Security of the United Nations of Jerusalem shall be secured by a peace treaty with the European Union of Nations and the United States stating that these nations shall defend any of the three UNJ Nations if so attacked. The Israeli President would have sole authority of the UNJ Defense Force for the external defense of the United Nations of Jerusalem and would have sole control of the armed forces and of its armaments designated for that defense purpose for the first three years. UNJ Defense Forces shall gradually be integrated with Muslims and Christians. During the fourth year, the UNJ Defense Forces shall be under the sole control of the Palestinian President then on the fifth year the Defense Forces shall be under the sole control of the Lebanese President. Starting on the sixth year, annual rotations will be made on which National President shall be in charge of the UNJ Defense Forces. The UNJ Internal Forces (police and national guard) would be under the control of all three nations. During the first three years of the existence of the United Nations of Jerusalem, an international coalition of armed forces from the United States, European Union, and other interested nations will help in the creation, formation, and maintenance of this new internal army. During the formation of the UNJ Internal Force, the Nation of Israel will be responsible for its own defense within the pre-1967 borders for the first two years to enable its own security while the rule of law is being established in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories by the international forces. By the third year the UNJ internal forces shall be placed within the pre-1967 borders of Israel. By the fourth year, all of the international coalition forces shall reduce the level of troops within the United Nations of Jerusalem, but that the European Union of Nations and the United States shall always maintain bases in the UNJ. The Internal Forces of the UNJ shall consist of collective groups of Jews, Muslims, and Christians that operate as a single unit. There shall be no segregated militia groups based on religion. Militant militias such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad will be disarmed. The internal army shall be an integrated force of different religious groups working as one. The UNJ Internal Forces shall answer to all three nations. The Internal Forces will answer to the three defense ministers (cabinet members). The action of the UNJ Internal Forces will only occur when at least a minimum of two of the three defense ministers approve such action. There will be an Israeli Defense Minister, Palestinian Defense Minister, and Lebanese Defense Minister. Each of these defense ministers answer to their own national president and may be removed by their respective president. Each nation's cabinet members shall be appointed by their respective national president along with the majority consent of their respective nation's congress (Note, judges shall be selected in the same manner). Any cabinet member may be removed by their respective national president as that president sees fit (Note, judges may only be removed by a 2/3 vote of their respective nation's congress).

The judicial system in the United Nations of Jerusalem would be represented by the three nations. The Supreme Court shall consist of three Jews selected by the Nation of Israel, three Muslims selected by the Nation of Palestine, and three Christians selected by the Nation of Lebanon. The United Nations of Jerusalem shall be governed by a doctrine of "Freedom of Religion" (one's right to choose their religion freely). Each lower court shall consist of three judges; one Jewish judge, one Muslim judge, one Christian judge. The jury of any trial shall consist of three Jews, three Muslims, and three Christians. A decision or conviction by a jury shall take place only upon a vote of two-thirds (6/9) or more.

The election process shall be overseen by the three election commission ministers (cabinet positions). Again, an international coalition shall oversee the election process during the first four years. All United Nations of Jerusalem citizens shall register under their religious affiliations as either a Jew, a Muslim, or a Christian (subject to approval of election commission). All poling places throughout the United Nations of Jerusalem shall contain voting facilities for Jews, Muslims, and Christians no matter what the population size of that religious group shall be in a particular area. For example if a person is a Muslim, they will only vote for the Palestinian President, Palestinian Vice President, and Palestinian Congress. Each national presidential and vice presidential term shall be four years. National congressional terms shall be four years. Each national congress shall be elected on an at-large basis where each citizen votes for a political party. Each political party will receive its pro-rata share of congressional seats based on the percentage of votes received. Congressional elections will be based on the model that the Israelis use in electing Knesset Members. Such an election process ensures that minority factions will obtain seats in their respective national congress.

Many innocent people are suffering and dying over a conflict that can be settled. History tends to show that two sided conflicts are not easily resolved and usually result in bloody wars. The peace plan that I am presenting is a novel approach of creating a political process where there can be no stalemate. This situation creates an atmosphere of dialogue whereby all three nations know that they must compromise or be endangered of being left out if the other two nations vote against them.

A peace process referendum should be put to a vote to all peoples located in Israel, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights, and Lebanon. Also, all the citizens of Lebanon who emigrated from that country since 1975 at the onset of the Lebanese Civil War should be part of the voting process concerning the "United Nations of Jerusalem" peace proposal and that these people should be allowed the choice to repatriate. The estimate of Lebanese leaving since 1975 is 70% Christian and 30% Muslim. Also, Christian minorities throughout the Middle East should be allowed to emigrate to the United Nations of Jerusalem (Such as the Assyrians, Copts, and other Arab Christians). Peace is a real possibility if people put an effort in attaining it. I pray that there may be a solution for peace and that the suffering will cease for all Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Let everyone pray for the peace in this area of the world and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Respectfully Yours:

Mr. Jon Allen Dolen

Green Valley, IL 61534-0067 USA

Posted by: Jon Dolen at December 16, 2006 09:24 PM

Since these idjits are publicly and egregiously violating The Logan Act, I say revoke their passports WHILE THEY ARE OUT OF THE COUNTRY and let them STAY with their new pals!

The President of the United States is the ONLY one (either directly or via the State Department) who is authorized to conduct foreign policy!

These people are in the U.S. Senate and they don't even KNOW Federal law? Sheesh!

And Jon, it seems that your heart is in the right place BUT the Arabs will NEVER accept the right of the State of Israel to exist. I remember when Israel became an independent government (shut up, Jon, I know I'm old) and nothing has changed since. The Arabs only have one focus - driving the inhabitants of the State of Israel into the sea and claiming the land as their own. Of course it belongs to the Jews more than the Muslims (the Jews came first, remember, and then the Christians - the Moslem faith wasn't even dreamed up until the 11th century) and when Arabs occupied the land, they did NOTHING with it, but hey - why should history or logic or the rule of international law be considered by fanatical murderous savages?

Posted by: Gayle Miller at December 18, 2006 10:59 AM

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