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January 03, 2007

Malkin's Iraq Trip Moving Forward

Michelle Malkin is making final preparations for her trip to Iraq with Eason Jordan (actual timeline not being revealed for security reasons) in order to:

1) to report on how the troops perceive mainstream media coverage of the war (with a particular focus on the wire services relying on local stringers); and

2) to report on progress and interaction between U.S. troops and Iraqi Army trainees.

What spearheaded this trip was the question of whether or not one Capt. Jamil Hussein, a source for some of the AP's more sensational stories in Iraq, is a real person.

In spite of remarks that prompted him to resign as chief news executive of CNN in 2005 (he claimed that the US military deliberately targeted journalists in Iraq), it seems Jordan has an open mind regarding the possibility that the AP, a fellow MSM big, might be conducting a huge snow job. And, he's willing to take along Michelle, her associate Bryan Preston, and Curt from Flopping Aces, who first got on the bandwagon about the whole Jamil Hussein story. Major kudos are therefore in order.

I'm interested in seeing what kind of reception Michelle and her entourage will receive from the soldiers. Somehow, I think they'll be a lot more popular than John Kerry was last month.

Unlike certain hatemongers, I wish Michelle, Bryan, Curt and Eason a safe journey, and hope they are successful in their mission. (Perhaps Kathleen Carroll of the AP will consider joining them?)

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