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May 02, 2007

Joan Baez Banned at Walter Reed

Gosh, Joan Baez has no idea why she'd be told she couldn't perform at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

"I have always been an advocate for nonviolence and I have stood as firmly against the Iraq war as I did the Vietnam War 40 years ago," she wrote. "I realize now that I might have contributed to a better welcome home for those soldiers fresh from Vietnam. Maybe that's why I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation to sing for those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In the end, four days before the concert, I was not 'approved' by the Army to take part. Strange irony."

This urge to welcome the troops home is obviously a new one, as it didn't stop Baez from performing at Cindy Sheehan's anti-war demonstration at Camp Casey.

Poor Joan was banned Walter Reed, but earlier this year she refused to talk to FOXNews on the Grammy red carpet after her publicist warned her against it. Free speech has its limits, I guess.

Officials at Walter Reed would not comment on why Baez would not be allowed to perform. Apparently she was invited by John Mellencamp (who himself is a big lefty), who was already contracted to perform, and the short notice may be the official reason why.

Boo hoo, Joan. I'll bet if Camp Casey reconvenes this summer, you'll be welcome with open arms.

She's better off singing to more sympathetic audiences

On a tip from Jeanette.

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Posted by Pam Meister at 12:30 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0) | Entertainment

When will these aging hippies - Baez, Fonda, et al - STOP trying to co-opt the GWOT for their own agenda. They can't assuage their own belated guilt for their actions back in Vietnam by using the troops from the current wars.

Posted by: Kris, in New England at May 3, 2007 08:26 AM

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