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May 07, 2007

Where's Sean Penn?

Where's Sean Penn? Where's John Travolta? Oprah, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie? They were all on hand to help out in the wake of Katrina in one way or another, but I hear nothing of their jetting off to Greensburg, Kansas to help residents of this town of 1,500 rebuild after 95% of their town was flattened by a horrific tornado last Friday.

Maybe it's because only 10 people died. Maybe it's because Kansas, one of those red "flyover" states, doesn't have the gritty glamour of New Orleans (and as a red state, Kansas' electoral votes went to Bush in 2004). Or perhaps it's because it's more difficult to place blame for a tornado on George W. Bush than it is to pin the blame of a hurricane on him. After all, we all know that hurricanes in America are caused because Bush didn't sign on to Kyoto. There doesn't seem to be a protocol that can fix tornados in the Midwest. Besides, it's all farms, small towns and trailer parks there, right?

Come on, guys...now's your chance to get your name in the headlines in the name of another good cause. I'll bet Sean hasn't fired that rifle in a while, and Travolta's planes should be all lubed up, gassed up, and ready to go. And I'm sure Angelina would love to get out her pink scented stationary to send letters to Congress, asking for increased relief efforts.



Greensburg could use Sean to keep looters at bay

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Posted by Pam Meister at 09:38 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0) | Commentary

You won't see any of the usual idiots in Kansas because no one's whining about being a victim. Besides, Sean has no place to launch his boat.

I hadn't thought about Hollywood's finest not showing up. Thanks for pointing it out.

Btw, did you dye your hair? Looks great!!

Posted by: THIRDWAVEDAVE at May 8, 2007 03:42 AM

The only whining has been by the Democrat governor, and even that is low-key compared to the whining done by Blanco and Nagin in Louisiana.

And yes, I did dye my hair...thanks for noticing!

Posted by: Pam at May 8, 2007 07:42 AM

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